Halloween Spa Day

On Saturday, all the girls in my mom's family and my mother in law all came to our house for a spa day. This is the third one we have done. We make snacks and our own spa treatments. This year, since it was Halloween, we had a SPOOKY theme :) Here are some of the snacks that others brought. (I made this slightly odd pumpkin/cheese fondue dish that deserves its own post)

Eyes of Newt

Blood shot eyeballs

Sarah and her PB, apple and marshmallow lips and teeth
Mummy Pizzas

Mallow and Fruit Roll Up mummies

Frog spawn (limeade and kiwi) --it tasted alcoholic too.... but I know it wasn't ;)
This was also a bit of a party for my mom's birthday-- the big 5-0. My cousin's girlfriend made this AMAZING cake for us. In case you can't read it.. it says "Here lies Mary's youth" (hahahaha)

So, those were the treats. In our normal fashion, we spent a few hours "grazing". We joke that we don't really "eat'... instead we pick at the food the whole time and graze around it. We are a family of finger foods!

We also did a few spa treatments. We had a face mask, toner, hand scrub, foot scrub, nail brightener, cuticle oil, hand parrafin dips, foot massagers and back massagers. It looks like a bomb has gone off while doing them, but they are fun. Here are a few of the ingredients we used....

I only have pics of a few and recipes for the face masks and toner.

My mom, the birthday witch, enjoying the face mask and cucumbers.
Match Mask to Your Skin Type
For trouble-prone skin, mix oatmeal with water to form a paste.
For normal to oily skin, use an egg white.
For dry skin, use an egg yolk.
In all cases, spread mixture on face and allow to dry. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

We each used either an egg white, yolk or both and added processed oatmeal (my aunt put it through a blender or food processer)

Some also added honey and olive oil. I believe Mom has the yolk and oatmeal only.

After we sat around letting the egg dry on our faces and then SCRUBBED it off (it isn't all that easy to rinse off...) we used toner.

Green Tea Toner
1 green tea bag
1/2 c. spring water
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. witch hazel

Bring water to a boil, pour it over tea bag.  Steep for 5 minutes.  Remove bag and add lemon juice and witch hazel.  Mix ingredients.

These recipes are ones that we used that my cousins got off the internet. I have no other information other than they were emailed to me... that's my English teacher excuse for not having a proper citation ;)

Then, we used store bought lotion. (all the natural lotions call for beeswax-- we still aren't sure where to find that around here....)

And then we all went out own ways... some used the hand treatments

(I'm not sure what this has in it)

While others went straight for the massages

There was also the parrafin hand dip

(the nasty looking things floating in it are balls of wax melting)

And nail brightener...

I think the ingredients were an Efferdent tablet, essential oils and..... ?? Maybe our model, Sarah, will comment and fill in my blanks... I didn't stop biting my nails in time to have any to whiten :)

As you can see it is a lot of fun and a lot of mess. Luckily, we have a puppy and since these were all natural (and mostly egg and oatmeal) Ellie had quite the treat once we were done as she helped clean up the carpet! (I didn't even have to vacuum when she was done!)

Spa Day #3 was a success. Sophie, our new kitty from the humane society, made her debut and sums up well how we all felt by the end of the day...

I think this is where she ended up while everyone was still here. Sophie is also a part of the reason I've not posted in so long. I'm juggling a 5 year old grouchy cat, a 5 month old puppy, a 10 week old kitten, 4 online classes I'm teaching, and I started my doctorate this week! It will get much easier when Ellie starts leaving Sophie alone. Right now she thinks that Sophie needs her to be present and needs her help with every breath she takes. I hope they stay buddies, but right now Ellie is working on keeping her hands to herself and being "easy with the kitties".


  1. Nail brightener:

    1 denture cleaning tablet (your brand of choice) with a few drops of essential oil on the top of the tablet (I believe we had lemon oil). Run warm water over tablet with oil side up. Dunk fingertips for ~10 minutes (or 5ish if you get bored like I did) and rinse. =)

  2. what a great idea for a party!! that cake is so cool!!!

  3. SO fun! I am throwing my daughter a spa themed party in a few weeks. All of the details are coming together nicely... I never thought to incorporate Halloween. Definitely looks like they had fun!

  4. How fun! It looks like everyone had a great time. I love the combo of Halloween and spa!


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