Painted back splash completion!

This is one of those projects I have been putting off for...well.....three years now. When I originally thought to paint the back splash in the kitchen my research revealed a process of sanding, sanding, and more sanding of the tile to get a finish so paint would stick. This didn't sound all too enjoyable. Good thing because it made me put this project off and an easier way emerged in the process. Some of our friends who just recently got married and purchased a home painted theirs first. Megan discovered THIS...

The can on the right is Multi-Purpose Primer-- which means NO sanding of tile. It is made for painting tile.  So, I put on two coats of the primer and then two coats of my green. And VOILA, I had a new kitchen for about $12.

You can't really tell from the above pic, but the tile was creamy in color.When I painted the cabinets, they became White Ivy which is very, very, very white with an itty bitty touch of blue. The cream tiles had to go! (much like the cream counter top in the photo below :))

The primed tile

The all-but-caulked finished back spash-- with a CrockPot filled with dinner.

I considered taking a white paint pen and tracing the actual grout lines to make the individual tiles show up. But, I think I like this for a while. I'm on the market for some fun fabric with my blue and green in it to make a valance for the window. Then, the kitchen gets a bit of a break.

Next, when I get the courage, I want to paint the counter top. Until then, we'll deal with the cream :) My husband is a bit of a "scrubber". I joke that he is going to scrub the cream off the counter, so I'm a bit nervous about how painted counters would stand the Navy OCD that takes over when he's scrubbing in the kitchen. (This is NOT a complaint, haha... I just know I'll need some strong stuff!!) 

I am SOOOOOO happy with the results of this. I really liked the blue and white only, but adding the green to the tile really made a big difference. And, it was cheap and easy!

SNEAK PEEK--Mom and I made paper infused with seeds last weekend. I plan to post about that tomorrow. It was surprising quick and fairly easy!!



  1. Love the color green you picked... it looks great!

  2. Thanks! I was a BIT intimidated by it. We have been dark blue and white for three years now. I actually found a placemat we got when we got married that happened to have the exact blue and this green in it. I thought that meant that it was just meant to be :)... especially considering I forgot about the placemats when we picked the blue out! :)

  3. That looks amazing - and inspiring, re: the god-awful tile we have in our kitchen (thanks, former owners of our house!). Do you have to seal the tile? Can you scrub it down without affecting the paint?

  4. Stephanie-
    I haven't had any trouble with it so far. My husband is a SCRUBBER too... But, it has only been done for a few weeks. I thought about putting a clear coat of something on it too, just to be sure. When it gets wet, the water shows up on the green, making it lighter. But, as soon as I wipe it off and it dries, you can't tell it was ever wet.

  5. I have been looking for something to do with the tile backsplash I have. I think you just solved my problem. THANK YOU!!!


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