Free dining table redo

I love being able to spend a few hours (not including drying or time between coats) on something and have a seemingly new piece of furniture on my hands.  Meet our table. It hasn't always looked so dashing.. :)

I'm disappointed because I can't find a before pic ANYWHERE of our table.... I did this before we had our digital camera and before I really started taking too many pictures of everything we do...
But, here is as close as I can find for a before.....

No, it isn't exact, but it is all I can find. (sigh) The table was about this shade with the legs and top the same color.

My mother in law wanted a smaller, round table when we moved into our house. She wanted rid of this larger, rectangle table which happened to fit PERFECTLY in our living room/dining room. I'll RARELY pass up anything that is free, so to our house it came. (ok, truth be told. I won't pass up something free, even if isn't nice like this table already was)

Eventually, I stripped the top and sanded it down. I made sure to sand the edges good so the stain might soak in a little more. I stained it a nice deeper color and varnished the top.


I had already removed the legs, so I spray painted them satin black. I also painted the underside of the table. I did this part after I had stripped it, but before I stained it... just in case. I tend to be messy.

The table top, which isn't being all too photogenic today, did some really interesting things. At first, the perfectionist in me was irritated at the darker lines that went perpendicular to the grain. Then, I realized how much better it was with them. I like that it isn't "prefect" and shows a lot of shades of the stain. It also shows the wear of my husband and his two sisters sitting here for meals growing up. I LOVE a piece with some history.

The weird "crop circle at the bottom is the reflection of the chandelier, by the way :) not some extra "character".

The chairs were also a redo, but I'll save them for another day. I KNOW I have some before pics of them around here somewhere. 

I am really happy with how it turned out. It changed the whole table for only the cost of the stain, finish, and paint. And, since I only used a little of each, I was able to help my stockpile get some inventory!


I'm a bit disappointed with my pics... but there is 5 inches of snow outside reflecting away. It's a bit bright in here today :).

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  1. Ah, my comments weren't turned on for this post.. weird... thanks Seth!!:)

  2. very cute project!! It looks great!!! I love the chairs!

  3. It does look great, love the chairs too.

  4. You did a great job! The paint looks perfect. What kind of paint did you use? Did you spray it on? Beautiful!

  5. Catherine-
    Yes, I spray painted it. If I can, I always choose spray paint first. It dries fast and gets good coverage. I used Rustoleum Home Accents. I also use Krylon a lot now..they have SO many colors! But when I did this table, I also painted the chairs with that color/brand and the coffee table with the same too. I wanted to make sure everything matched.

  6. Thanks, ladies. I lOVE to redo furniture. If I could do that as a career, I'd be in heaven :)

  7. What a great job. Your table looks great... I just love spray paint...

  8. What a transformation! It looks really nice now.

  9. Beautiful!!! It's amazing how that gives the table a whole new life. Can't wait to hear more about the chairs because I LOVE THEM!!

  10. A wonderful transformation! It looks like it is straight out of the show room.

  11. It's just beautiful now. Doesn't even look like the same table anymore. Really nice.

  12. You did a great job updating this, I love it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cha Cha

  13. You did a fab job! Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party!

  14. I can picture what the table must've looked like and, in my mind's eye, it looks so much better. The black base really updates it and gives it a more sophisticated look. Great job and thanks for linking up!

  15. What kind/color stain did you use?


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