Quarry Orchard gets a sign!

Yay for handmade gifts!

My brother, sister in law, and nephew had this sign made for me for one of my Christmas presents. This must make me official now. Official what, I'm not sure :)

Now.... I think I need to paint a room so I can hang it :) Just kidding, Dustin... (for now..) I have a few ideas in mind for it. Until then, it is perched on a bookshelf in the office/livingroom/extra room where I work and blog.

This was purchased from The Homespun Raven. She has some really cute things for sale if you are interested. I definitely found some cute things I plan to go back for later. (gotta save up that Dave Ramsey money first...)

Tomorrow, my plan is to start the old dictionary wallpaper in the hallway. Cross your fingers!


  1. I missed this post! I just saw it in the "you might also like"
    this is awesome! Of course if you don't subscribe to your comments, you might not ever see this one. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi, I am creating a database of granite, rock, sand and gravel quarry in your State. Can you help me?


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