Some things around here

We have a whole lot going on around here this week... but it seems like a whole lot of 'not much'.

Dustin is working on the coop today. It's been too rainy as of late, so it has had a week's vacation.

Yes, we realize this won't hold much quite yet.... slowly but surely...

This is from the beginning

This weekend, we also cleaned out a little flower garden that the previous owners put together. It is nice, but it is a big leaf trap and it more of a pain than a pleasure. I'm slowly moving the lilies and irises out of it and putting them around the yard.  It looked rough... and even had some random trees starting to grow in it :)

I saved as much as I could from the walkway. There were stray dianthus and green hostas that had all planted themselves. I'm a sucker for anything living. Even though we have more hostas than I'll ever want, I had to save as many as I could!

And here it is today. It is still full of green hostas that planted themselves, but at least you can SEE the pathway through it. It is free of stray trees and the bushes in it got a trim. It is a cute little area, it is just hard to enjoy. Soon, it will be filled with purple, yellow, and pink flowers along the back. 

Some of the dianthus that I saved from the cracks in the walkway. Yeah, they were that big growing between the pavers. We didn't do much in the way of outside work last summer...

The hostas are getting huge. 

And the stove is still on the porch :)
The plumber came yesterday to check it out and is coming Friday to install the gas lines. We have a dr appointment tomorrow and plan to hit up the scratch and dent places in Louisville in search of a gas cooktop and a separate electric oven. 

This little cutie learned how to "talk" this week too. We've worked on it for a week or so and she's finally mastered it. We fear that we may regret this new trick though. Our once silent Ellie just sat and "talked" to us while we ate our ham sandwiches in hopes of scoring some herself. 

Luckily, it won't take long for her and Soph to take up their daily residence and full time jobs of holding down the loveseat.
I also started some fruit rollups in the food dehydrator this morning, I'll blog about them tomorrow when I see how they've turned out!


  1. Shannon... taking a lunch break and catching up on some blogs. Yay! Everything is coming together outside. It looks great.
    take care

  2. I love hostas! Yours are beautiful already! Wished mine looked like that right now:)

    There is a man in Salem that refurbishes appliances...maybe you already know about him? Bobs A1 Appliance Sales. A friend of mine got a stove, fridge, washer and dryer...all for around $500-600. I can get you his number if you would be interested.

    Your blogs are great by the way! Can't wait to hear how the fruit rollups turned out:)


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