The ladies have arrived

Earlier this week, Dustin finally found some chickens. He refers to them as "the ladies". 

"I need to go check on the ladies..."
"I need to get the ladies their lunch..."

Luckily, I'm not the jealous type :)

The ladies aren't overly photogenic creatures. They are, however, scratching and pecking fools. He's been letting them out during the day and they attack the leaves like they mean business!

This little lady REALLY wants to get to know the ladies too. This was next to the coop when we reminded her that "chickens are bad" in a soft spoken voice.

She is such a good little puppy who really is spoiled rather than mistreated like she acts. These are her "I'm in trouble and I'm sorry" ears. We get them any time she thinks she has been bad. We've just recently started leaving her running free in the downstairs when we leave. The first few times we did this, we were met with the "troubled ears". She didn't do anything bad. She thought she was bad because she wasn't in her cage.

The nervous lip licker. 
She really is spoiled... but so are we for having such a good puppy. We know that the chickens are a huge temptation for her, so we make sure she's on her leash when they're free. We don't want to tease her more than they already do just by being here!

The house guests have headed north. Once we get the house de-toddlered I plan on knocking out some projects around here! :)  I have a lengthy list and a month and a half to do them!


  1. ohmygosh they're so cute!! I want to zip over from the Speedway on Monday and see them!

  2. Your doggie is very cute! It's hilarious that your husband calls them "the ladies!"

  3. Shannon... I love this little post!! Awww... your chicks and that schweet schweet puppy! What a face! No wonder he's spoiled! I am a fur baby mom, too! Thanks for your comment on my 3rd faux stone paint job!

    Have a great day!


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