Do as I say, not as I do...

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't listen to me... (oh, I know.. there are many, many reasons-- but we'll stick with these for now :))

I often paint in my house. As in paint things that really should be taken to the garage. In the house.

And, then I do things like drop black paint on white carpet

And hit my brush on the wall as I stand up.

BUT- here is my disclaimer:
We are ripping up this carpet soon to reveal hardwood floors AND we are painting this room soon. So, since we don't use this room, no harm, no foul! Since the floors are free and the paint is leftover (except for the about a 1/2 gallon that I'll need), this is a project that will happen soonish! We like those free projects!


  1. silly shannon! :) glad you didn't ruin anything.
    It sounds like things are going to come together on the cheap! love that!
    ps hope ya'll have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

  2. This is great.


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