Just Peachy

This week, Mom stumbled upon some peaches. So, we made freezer jam and froze bags of peach chunks.

We used the same freezer jam mix that I used for strawberries.

They got put into boiling water for a minute or so and then into a bowl of cold water. This is also what we do to tomatoes to help get the peel off easier.

Then, with a potato  masher, I crushed them up. This is for the peaches we turned into freezer jam. It didn't seem to be smashing them up quite enough, so I also used a cup like I did with my strawberry freezer jam. 

We were afraid that this was going to make it a little too runny, but it ended up being perfect. If it is too runny, the packet of stuff we used says that you can cook the peaches for a while to thicken them before you add the sugar, lemon, and packet. 
What we made wasn't anything special :) But, it's GOOD. 
This is what we used and just followed the directions on the back. Super easy. 

I'll be honest. This wasn't hard. But. I am OVER canning/freezing/preserving for a while. So, I quit taking pictures. And complained to Mom that I just wanted to take a nap... and that I was over peaches... :)

So, for the peach chunks that we froze.... we peeled them and just chopped them up. Then, they got scooped into freezer bags. Mom also added some white grape peach juice to each of them also. This helped to get the air out of them and we didn't want to add sugar. 

So, I can't wait for it to cool off and we can much on veggie soup, peach chunks, and basil... well, maybe not all at once. I'm just ready for it to be cooler!

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