Celebrating the big 2-8 in 1929 style

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Last Sunday was my 28th birthday. Since he had to work that day, he planned an outing for us to celebrate on Tuesday when he was off.

When I first moved to Salem, I saw this car from time to time and LOVED it. I never saw the driver; it would just be parked outside the grocery store or hardware store. We have lived in this house for 4 and a half years. About a year ago, while at our neighbors, I saw this car parked in his garage. WHAT?! Yes, it's his. We've planned on taking it out cruising ever since but never have. Until Tuesday. 

We loaded up and took off. It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day. I only knew we were going to Madison, Indiana. Little did I know, but riding in this car is similar to riding a motorcycle when it comes to wind. Needless to say, we had quite the windblown look for the rest of the day! We had lunch there and headed to an antique store. It was once a lumber mill. It is huge (3 stories and TONS of booths) and the building has interesting architecture throughout.

Of course, I'm too cheap to buy anything :). I found two cool star burst mirrors that were $25 each. That's too much for me and it was something I think Dustin can make. I love antique stores. But, while I was there, I realized that I'd rather spend my money on something that is THISCLOSE to being thrown away and save it. Don't get me wrong, I love antiques and the stories they could tell. But I also enjoy bringing life back into something.

Then, we headed to Hanover College, where I lived for four years and earned my BA. (all pre-Dustin). 
We hit up the bookstore to buy a replacement sweatshirt blanket. A certain beagle we know and love nibbled holes in the one I've had for 5 years. I also got a HC t-shirt and sweatshirt. Dustin knows I'm way too cheap to buy that type of stuff on my own, so it was my birthday present this year. 

He and I have never really driven around campus, so we drove around a little and walked around The Point. His grandfather was also a Hanover alum, so it was always interesting to hear his stories about campus two generations before I arrived.

This is a view from campus. It truly is a beautiful place.
(I cut Dustin's hair for the first time the next day and he shaved for the first time in months... so he's a new man now)

We also stumbled upon the Thinker in front of Parker Auditorium :)

Then, we loaded up and headed home. I felt like I could reach out and touch the highway. 

Truth be told, I have long arms considering I'm only (almost) 5'2", so I probably actually could have.

It was a perfect day with my BFF and a cool car. We're the 'kids' of the neighborhood. We are lucky to have such great neighbors with such fun and sparkly toys :)


  1. How cool! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday. I always enjoy going back to campus and visiting Madison and you certainly got to do it in style :-)

  2. Awesome! What a lovely birthday!!!

  3. Ahh, the old alma mater. I sure miss it sometimes. Like how you mentioned in another post that you almost got married at the mill, we almost got married out on the point. STUPID reasons for why we couldn't... Abby is still upset with the administration about that one.


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