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So far this week, the room above the garage (which Dustin says we need to refer to as “the living room” from now on) got a lot of little touches that really add up.


1. The new fan

It is a little alienish, but we love it. It is super reflective, so it helps to distribute light even more.
As Dustin was hanging it, he couldn’t get it to work. He took it all down, tested it all, rehung it-- nada. I came up to check on him and asked what was going on. The fan operates by remote only so he narrowed the trouble down to the battery in the remote; it had to be dead. He pulled it out, looked at it and said “do you have any more of these anywhere?”

My response: “No, but I bet if you peeled all the plastic off this one and took it out of the packaging, it might do the trick….” :) It’s a good thing he has me around.

2. Floor trim

There wasn’t any floor trim in this room originally. But, it needed some to finish it off. Since the whole room is rough cut lumber, store bought neat and tidy trim would look funny, so we ripped a few boards and got the trim for FREE. He them primed and painted them white to match the ceiling, windows, and trim.


With a borrowed nail gun, the whole room was trimmed in less than an hour.


Would you believe that this is the same room? It’s even the same corner.

Would you believe that the flooring is PLYWOOD? 


There is more to come, soon. We also changed out the electrical outlets and switches and started moving the big furniture in.  But, my camera is currently charging, so those pics will have to be added later. I also went through the room and touched up between the planks with some Americana paint. We are finally getting a project 100% complete before we move along to the next :)

*and, as requested and promised, I will post a tutorial of how we did the plywood plank floor (and what not to do like us) very soon!


  1. amazing! totally gorgeous! Personally, I am so glad that you didn't paint it!

  2. Wow, what a difference!! You two did good.


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