California and Indiana randomness


Where to start? Well, we're HOME! :) We have been for almost a week :) I'm just now getting back to my routine again. I use “routine” loosely these days. I went to the dr last Wednesday and baby was moving so much it was hard to get pictures! Today, I also started a new kind of blood thinner. Now, I only have to give myself one shot a day rather than two. As someone who has 'needle issues', this is HUGE! :) And, this type isn't supposed to make me bruise as badly either. Another victory!

So, since I’m so far behind, here are some California fun pics!

Dustin spent about 5 days in Daniel’s attic rewiring. Then, one afternoon finishing up the recessed lighting and their new light fixtures. This room previously had no lights. (The weird shadow is from a lamp, not the lights)


We took their dog to the dog beach one afternoon for a day of fun in the sun, selfies, and crooked sunglasses.

IMG_6177 IMG_6179


It was a neat beach. Dogs were allowed off their leashes and loved the water. There were a few sailboating classes going on at the pier that we could watch also.


On our last day, we headed to a new park in Culver City and took in some views of the city.

IMG_6182  IMG_6184

Then, Dustin got to be pampered by an early birthday present from Daniel and Angie; he got to go have his first massage. After spending a week in their attic, I think it was the perfect gift! :)

For our last evening, we headed to another park to swing, walk along the pier, and have dinner.


Today is Dustin’s first day off since we’ve been home. We got home at 9 last Tuesday night and he was at work at 9 the next morning. Today’s festivities have included dropping his keys down the garage drain and cutting down a dead tree in our yard.

IMG_6197 IMG_6205

As always, the beagle and I were there for moral support, watching, taking pictures, and being glad that the tree fell where is was supposed to fall and that the keys were retrieved after about 15 minutes of effort…. and being a bit stalkerish and taking pictures from afar while the subject was unaware.


  1. shannon, I'm so glad you posted! :)
    dog beach? that is awesome! I have never heard of such a thing... but of course I've never been to the beach much. lol It looks like ya'll had fun. That boy is a cutie!
    Yay for the one shot a day. woohooo
    uh oh for the keys... glad they were quickly recovered.
    as for the tree... glad nothing was hurt. :)
    hope you have a great evening!

  2. those beach scenes look great. And I have a bathroom light fixture that needs changed if you want to send someone over to tackle it since they should be pros by now. :)

  3. Welcome back to Indiana,to bad those temps and the sunshine didn't follow you all back here.Where are you at in Indiana,we are Southeastern part(by the Indiana Live Horsetrack and casino)
    I send prayers your way for your pregnancy lots of blessings.

  4. I won't lie, I laughed out loud when I read the part about Dustin dropping his keys down the garage drain. How did he even do that?!

  5. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL and Brian and I did a bit of a fist bump when we read about baby moving! :)


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