Baseball tickets and FOOD giveaway!

Take me out to the baaaalll game....

Take me out to the croooowwwwd!

Source: google.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Not only does Indiana Family of Farmers want to take you out to the ball game, but they want to FEED you and your family while you're there!

When: July 19th

 Where: Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field

What it includes: 8 tickets, along with wristbands that will get you a hot dog, hamburger, or pulled chicken BBQ. Baked beans, pasta salad, fruit salad, cookies, and drinks will also be served!

How to win this glamorous package:
Entry 1: Head on over to http://www.facebook.com/FamilyofFarmers
to LIKE them. Come back here and leave me a comment that you've done that.

Entry 2: Follow then on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/FamilyofFarmers). Come back here and inform me of this as well.

Entry 3: For those of you who REALLY want an extra bonus entry, follow my blog and leave me a comment about how you are so in love with my content and projects (and how big of a slacker I am these days in the blogging world)... or just become a follower and tell me that you just want the tix and exclude the compliments I jokingly fished for. I'll still count those as well. :)

My hubby and I plan to make the almost two hour trek up as well, so not only do you get all of the above mentioned prizes, you ALSO get to see us. (please still enter, we won't talk to you or act like we know you if you politely tell me so when I notify you of your winnings :))

For even more information, see the IFOF's website.

I'll do a random drawing on July 2nd. Good luck!

Pssst- Once you LIKE them on Facebook, you can also see other blogs that are giving away this same prize!


  1. Perhaps we should inform your readers they shouldn't bring up the movie Red Dawn if Dustin's been drinking beer...just sayin' =)

  2. Love me some baseball :) Hope to see ya there!

  3. First off, thank your for giving us followers the opprtotunity to watch Americas pastime at one of the best AAA Ballparks in the country

    Second, I like and follow Both yourself and Indiana Family Farmers on Facebook and Twitter!

    Nathan Miller

  4. I hope everyone in attendance has an awesome time at the ball game! My hubby and I are season ticket holders here in AZ.

    PLAaaaaay BAaaaall!

  5. We use to go tthe Indians games a lot and now we are to busy with the gardening and chickens that we tend to stay home but this would give us a chance to get to the city,We are following your blog,I enjoy watching other families join in the homesteading act as we did.some folks cant believe we keep adding onto our garden,they comment like you know how muich work that will be,DUH and do you know how awsome it is to have fresh food for your family.

  6. I a mso glad to be on the facebook now,that is very informative.THANKS


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