Oh, Baby!


She’s here! Yes, SHE Smile

On Wednesday, October 12th, after a morning trip to the specialist, a scary amniocenteses that wasn’t as bad as I expected, and a few hours of waiting in the hospital, Linden Marie was born at 3:13 in the afternoon at 35 weeks and 6 days.

Weighing in at 5 pounds 12 ounces at birth, she’s so little, but not as teeny as I actually anticipated!


After a whirlwind of a day of sitting around while waiting for lung maturity test results, we got the call at 2pm. The specialist called my cell phone just after I sent Dustin down to the cafeteria for some lunch. I had been fasting since midnight but Dustin “gets the shakes” if he waits too long to eat. As I hung up with the specialist, the nurse came in to tell me the results were mature and that my ob had called to report that we’d have a csection at 3. (do you remember that I said it was 2?). I called Dustin to tell him to hurry and to call his mom. Moms and others had been on standby at home all day. We were fairly certain that we would be having a baby that day, but it wasn’t 100% until that phone call with the results.

I had been getting prepped for surgery most of that afternoon, so at 2:45, we headed back.

W cannot say enough wonderful things about our doctor. We love, love, love her. (She actually had a baby boy one week after delivering our little bundle to us!) We didn’t know we were having a girl until birth. A few weeks ago, our dr asked us about names. I joked that we had some but a lot of Dustin’s were getting deleted. (no offence if you love the name…) but I didn’t see myself having a baby named Walter. I said that if I gave birth to an 80 year old, we’d call him Walter. As she was delivering, our doctor announced Linden’s gender by saying, “this baby is going to be so mad if you NAME HER WALTER!!!”. It was funny and perfect Smile. She had actually only found out we were having a girl that morning. There was only one ultrasound girl who knew, and she lied the whole time and said she didn’t. SmileWe found out the next day that she knew and had actually bought us some girl clothes a long time ago. (Not only is our doctor great, but everyone in her office is as well!)

We are finally getting a bit of a routine down. And by a routine, I mean that we’re able to start functioning once more. I’m complete off pain meds and am finally learning when to sleep. Dustin has been fantastic and gets up with us 99% of the time for feedings. He changes her and helps wake her up and passes her off to me. I’m off work until December and Dustin just works one more day for this season. In December, I just work VERY part time. This week, my brother, sister in law and nephew are in from LA visiting. So, we have a bit more of a houseful this week, but they’re holding their own with meals and laundry Smile Who know how many cloth diapers a newborn went through in a day!! 


More pics to come! We have a few… Smile


  1. Hi Shannon,
    CONGRATs she is so cute and tiny ! Glad all is well. Elaine from the Jaunt

  2. OH Shannon!! I am beyond ecstatic!! She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!!

  3. OH I forgot... can I make her girl stuff?!? 'Cause you know how much girl stuff there is around here.. NONE! It was so good seeing you again in Kentucky! Toodles!!

  4. She's so beautiful!!!! Congratulations. Hope you're all falling in love with each other more and more.

  5. Oh my gosh, finally a picture! Shannon and Dustin--Linden is beautiful!!! I am an emotional mess! I cry over every little thing about this little one. It was great to hear some details about "the" day!
    My oh my, so incredibly happy for you three! So glad that ya'll get to spend so much time together enjoying these first few months. That's awesome!
    You know how some people just can't get enough of babies (infants)? I'm not one of those. Babies scare me to death. I'll take a toddler any day!
    But some time when you're headed to l'ville for errands and such, I must meet up with you if only for a few minutes.
    take care!

  6. Oh Shannon, great news! Congrats to both of you. Linden is a beautiful name (so much nicer than Walter) I am just so happy for you! Glad you get to enjoy every moment of the beginning together. Be sure to post lots of pics and updates!

  7. Congrats are your new little one. She is so precious and beautiful.

  8. I love that picture. Nick and I got her a present in Cincinnati this weekend so we'll need to come bring it to her soon...ok that and I really want to cuddle her =)

  9. Congratulations!! She is beautiful!! Love the name as well!! So happy for you!!!!

  10. She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you! Your name choice is awesome! (very close to Lumpkin's... hers is Lindsay!) I love different names! Can't wait to see more pics of Linden!

  11. AHH! Sorry I am so late! I was just thinking about you and thinking it must be soon. CONGRATULATIONS! She is just delicious. Love the little o-face:) More pictures PALEEESE!!!

  12. Now that cloth diapers are back, be sure to take a pix of your clothesline full of diapers. It is such a neat picture! Congrats on your perfect baby girl!


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