My $6 treasures

I only bought two things on Friday at the Covered Bridge Festival. (well, 4 I guess if you count all three tables :)) The other purchase was a little nativity set with a manger. (Then, I got home and remembered that Mom had found a bunch of nativity set molds for the ceramics and are sitting in my garage. I'd rather have a homemade set. So, humane society yard sale in a few weeks looks to be getting a new nativity set!) 

Please don't prejudge my gold tables :)

I was a bit disappointed to get them out in the sun and discover they are plastic and not wood. But, six bucks! I thought that, if nothing else, we need something like these on our porch where we sit and eat sometimes. I originally envisioned them in our living room (of course that vision had the hardwood floors down and our sectional purchased) I'm not sure what to do to them yet, but I want to get a coat of primer on them this week. The design is engraved in them. I plan on 'antiquing' them so it still shows up well---just not in gold and white :). I'm thinking black and...?

I also have plans to paint the back splash this week too--- I'm not holding my breath on that one. I have essays in my classes due tonight, so it depends on how focused I am grading over the next few days.

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