Our big yardsale find

On Saturday, we headed to the bank with Ellie (the puppy) in tow. On the way, I gave myself whiplash as we drove past the yard sales. I have to check them out as we drive past to see if I want to stop. A few blocks from the bank, I saw this HUGE wood desk. I told Dustin we needed to stop. We were working from two desks. Mine was an L shaped desk that we had sticking out in the middle of the room. It is a nice desk, but just wasn't what I really wanted. It was given in exchange for some electrical work with his sister. Dustin was working from a desk that his mom gave us that I painted red and then painted again when we moved the office.

So, I convinced him to stop and check it out. I was holding Ellie so I made him get out :). He was out there forever. We didn't mean to take the puppy yardsaling so we didn't want to get her out. He was looking at it so long though I decided to get out and check it out.

It ended up being an old typerwriter desk. It is huge and doesn't need refinished or anything. (it will in a few years, but not anytime soon.) And, she only wanted $100 for it. We paid and promised to be back later to get it.

Dustin went back later and they said that they had 3 offers while we were gone. One lady offered them $150. Luckily, they stuck with their original sale and this now sits in our office/the room above the garage.


I am really pumped about the BUILT IN storage in the top left drawer! =)
The whole right side isn't really drawers. Instead, that whole part that looks like drawers opens so that the typerwriter stand can come out.

I don't have a photo of it pulled out yet. I don't really understand it, haha, and it is spring loaded so it seems to be a finger pinching trap. I'll have Dustin to that so I can photo it. We're not really sure what to do with this space yet either. Printer? Maybe.  But, we think it is pretty cool! A press board desk would have cost us $100 and we got this beautiful, old, oak one for that! We LOVE new old things :) -- especially when we think we have a deal!

Now, if I could just get this puppy a bit less "puppyish" so I could work upstairs on it instead of at the dining room table :). The upstairs is a "puppy free" zone still so Margot has a sanctuary until they get used to each other. Currently, Margot still wants to claw Ellie's eyes out. Ellie, although deathly scared of  Margot, really just wants to lick her and play. They have been nose-to-nose a few times and are doing MUCH better... we still have a bit to go though!

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  1. Great work on the house! What an undertaking! I think you would LOVE my friend Beckie's blog because she LOVES saving money...and she is always fixing up her house/decorating it with a tight budget in mind. She even does something called Road Kill Rescue, where she grabs people's furniture that they've put out for the garbage trucks and fixes it up! Check it out!




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