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Here is a photo I just took. It isn't the best quality for some reason, but you get the overall picture of the outside. Yes, it is blue :) It is painted cedar shingles. You cannot tell, but all along the front porch, we have 7 foot tall 3 foot wide windows. I love them.

Unfortunately, the weeping cherry in front is probably getting the boot this fall. :( We are not happy about this. However, this spring when we were landscaping, we noticed that there are roots growing towards the house. As much as I love this tree, I love my windows and house more :) We haven't talked about it since that day, but every time I see it I cringe. I really hate that we have limited options.

If I had my way... .(and about a million dollars, haha) we would have concrete aggregate porches instead of wood, brand new white windows, white pillars on the porch, a white garage door, and window boxes.  I am still in love with this house, but those are things on my (oh so long) wish list. -- and that's just the outside, haha!

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