Why do just one?

I started a blog last week about our experience as parents who have experienced two miscarriages and who have had a full term still born son. I am glad I did it. But, I also want to write about other things as well but don't think it would be appropriate to include it in my other blog. (and I am just a slave to organization... :))

So, this blog will contain the whimsical side of our lives. We are getting chickens this spring and a corn stove this fall. We have grape vines, blueberries and big plans.I have recently began to make a move to being "green" with my cleaners and household goods. Wow, vinegar is amazing. Three weeks ago, we adopted a beagle puppy, Ellie, and have a one eyed cat, Margot. I love to refinish and redo old furniture and keep an endless "To Do" list of things I want to do to this house. I love junk and antiques. Enter this blog. This is where I plan to show the befores and afters of our projects, brag about the furniture I've rescued and share she ups and downs of puppy and one eyed cat ownership :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering... Yes, the cat DESPISES the puppy and wishes she would disappear. Keeps life interesting.

So, I know this first post isn't that grand, entertaining, or interesting. Much like I do for this house, I have big plans for this blog. :)


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