Homemade animal repellent

We are in a neighborhood of animal lovers. I'm glad because we have a pretty big soft spot for animals as well. (if you hadn't noticed by our two recent adoptions and one eyed grouchy cat =))

However, although we love animals, we do not love that our neighbor's cat(s) like to come and use the side of our house for a urinal. If you have been around male cats, you know that is an awful smell that just doesn't go away.

We don't want to be mean to animals, especially when we know our own aren't angels and probably irritate the neighbors themselves. So, my mom just sent me these two ideas.

Citrus spray
Start saving lemon, orange, lime peels. Soak them in water then pour into a spray bottle. Spray this around where the animal is spraying. Beat him to the punch and this will help to repel him. And, it is natural and is better than throwing landscaping pebbles at him to run him off.  =) I have used something similar to this spray before... be ready for the kitty to move his bathroom. I had to spray a lot of places a lot of times. Eventually, our visitor got tired of looking for a new place on the porch and headed for the yard. That, I can handle... my porch and front door, not so much!

Coffee grinds
Another tip she found was to sprinkle coffee grounds in the area where the cat is pottying. Her email didn't mention this, but be careful with this solution. Some plants can't handle the coffee grounds. (I can't remember off the top of my head if they make the soil more acidic or more basic.....) But, my mom (who laughs about it now) told us incorrectly and we burnt up a blueberry bush because she said that coffee grounds were the key... that was the exact OPPOSITE of what the "key" really was though! So, just watch if you use coffee grounds. They can be used for fertilizers and compost additions. We just had a bad experience that resulted in a blueberry bush turning into a dried up stick! Perhaps we went overboard... us? go overboard? never...

So, good luck keeping those kitties away. We don't mind visits, but I really don't want to smell them after they're gone! I look forward to smelling citrus!

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