the B-mazing Bathroom finishing touches

This week is an "easy" work week for me. I had 2 classes end Sunday night, 2 in Week 5 and 2 starting Monday. I'm pretty much caught up so I decided to finish up some projects around here.

A month ago, I started painting the back splash in the kitchen. That got put on hold (if you read my other blog, you'll know why). But, since that didn't work out and I have a lighter week, I decided to get some work done. I just painted the (hopefully) last coat of green on the back splash. Now, it just needs to dry and I'm going to attempt to trace the grout lines with a paint pen. That is 'to be continued...' with photos when it gets done.

I also decided to FINALLY finish up our bathroom. Over a year ago, Dustin and I completely gutted our main bathroom. I mean GUTTED-- down to studs, got new insulation, etc.

The toilet pic is standing by the shower looking ahead and the sink/show pic was taken from the doorway.

The bathroom wasn't awful. But, it didn't have a tub. There was no tub in this entire house. We will (hopefully) be the first people to have babies in the house. So, we needed a tub. My brother always said he felt like he was at the sauna when he was at our house and used this bathroom. It also had carpet that I assumed (correctly) was moldy underneath. So we gutted it....

This photo shows what we discovered under the wood paneling and then what we discovered under the wallboard that was wallpapered over. The bottom layer- plastic "tile" that was probably asbestos. Dustin is taking out the shower stall here too. When we had all the extra layers removed, we actually gained FOUR inches all the way around the room and in height also. Good thing, because the tub wouldn't have fit otherwise.. a detail we apparently had overlooked, ha!

When we started ripping off the yellow, I said "Dustin, I would LOVE to put a window in here.. right here"

Major score!

If you look, you can see the window that we uncovered once we stripped it all down. It was EXACTLY where I said we needed one. This pic was taken after we had pulled down the last layer and then were covered in like 9 trash bags full of blown in insulation. (If memory serves correctly, we were scooping up insulation starting at 2 am one night). Also note that we laid new plywood on the flooring to replace the moldy plywood that was there. You can also see the shell of the pocket door that we put in. Our hallway is funky shaped just outside this room, so the pocket door was a great idea (Go, Dustin!).

We put in the tub, then surrounded it with special drywall that can get wet, installed drywall all over the room and the ceiling, put in a new heater/light/fan (LOVE IT!) and Dustin put an outlet on the opposite wall (by the sink) for me. We also put a light in the ceiling over the shower.. another great Dustin idea. Then, we tiled. This was our first tile project. (Why start small?!) It was actually easy-- other than me being too short :). We tiled the tub surround and the floor, put in a pedestal sink, called a window guy, put the toilet back in, painted, trimmed, and called it quits.

BUT... our motto when we drywalled (which was the first and last time we will drywall according to Dustin) was "Oh, the trim will cover that". We apparently thought we were trimming the entire room. So, I just got done texturizing the walls. They were already painted, but the paint just made all our rough sport show up more. So, I am letting that dry. I am going to caulk the trim to finish it-- to be honest, I didn't even know you did this until I saw them do it at The Lettered Cottage! And then I'll repaint the trim and walls. It has been done for over a year, but it wasn't DONE. We don't leave projects unfinished, but we didn't realize that this project really just needed about a day's work to really truly look awesome.  (or as Dustin's friend's niece says "B-Mazing")

I hope to post the B-Mazing, finished bathroom pics by the end of the week.. and the kitchen within a week.

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