Caulk it up to a neater bathroom!

(I know, I know.. thinking of titles for posts isn't as easy as one would think though...)

I know this blog has a touch of ADD, but that is for a few reasons. 1) I have a lot of projects going on, projects awaiting, projects completed, and ideas just floating around :)-- this blog was originally started so I could keep track of all the things we do, have done, and want to do. I'm awful at journaling. But, I take a lot of photos. I thought this was a great place to organize. I considered scrapbooking, but this takes up way less time with way less mess! And, I plan to print my blog every now and then so we have a journal of our projects. (When I discovered you could do that, I started this blog immediately.)    2) I'm still in the first few months of blogging so I'm trying to find my niche and focus. Until then, welcome to my world... :)

This is what I have been up to randomly throughout the week......... The pic below is the "before" of one corner of our bathroom.

All this time, we just thought Dustin was bad at trimming... which, maybe he is. BUT, we hadn't realized the power of paintable caulk! So, yesterday I caulked. The day before, I used some of the drywall compound that we had left and I texturized the walls. (See previous posts regarding this being our first and last drywalling experience... I had some "oops"es to cover up)

The same corner, only caulked and texturized.
I caulked in the corners and also between the trim and ceiling. It looks SO much better in person. I am very, very, very happy with how neat and tidy it looks now!

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the trim needed another coat of paint too. When we installed it, we had only "whitewashed" it. (Rubbed paint on it with a rag and just let it soak in). It looked really cool. But when we hung it up in here, it just wasn't the clean, crisp look we wanted. I was pregnant, so Dustin had to paint it.. after it was already hung.. and he hates to paint. Eventually that coat soaked in too (it had never been primed). And, the nails that he used that weren't supposed to rust, rusted. (I think my extra hot showers are getting the blame for that).  So, today, I primed the trim.

Hopefully this weekend I will get the trim painted and since I'm doing the trim, I might as well do the ceiling too. I'd also like to get a coat of paint on the walls. We still have paint left from when we originally did this room. Actually, the only thing I have purchased is a tube of caulk for about $2.00. I love projects that don't cost me (any more) money (than they already have)!

~PS... I have had a lot of questions on Facebook about the detergents. I'll try to put together a post tomorrow clarifying some things and answering some questions. I've had to research a few of them.
The color of the bathroom walls? Filibuster. Who names these things?!?! :)

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