Book club: Weird appetizer girl

Tonight I am hosting my book club's first official meeting. Last November in a fit of "I need more to do" (ha) I decided to start a book club and sent Facebook messages to a handful of girls. We read John Grisham's Ford County for our first book. Not my favorite Grisham, but it certainly isn't my least favorite. The Innocent Man takes that prize, no contest. (I sound like I'm a huge Grisham fan here...... I don't L-O-V-E his writing, but I'll give all his new stuff a shot when it comes out or if I'm headed to the beach and need a good, quick read.)

So, back to the title. On New Year's we went to our friends' (Nick and Megan... newlyweds-woohoo) and I made a beer/cheese fondue. It wasn't good. I have made it before and used a light beer. It was good then. All I had this time was a Guinness and it just... well, wasn't good. Strike one.

On tonight's book club menu: homemade salsa, homemade queso out of a jar :), and salami smeared with cream cheese and wrapped around a mini dill pickle with a toothpick through the middle. (that's the official name, yes:))

Sounds like the grossest thing ever, right? I think so, too. I'm not a big meat eater. What meat I do eat, I am really picky about. (Meaning that for every bite of something meat that I eat, Dustin's plate gets at least 3 bites' worth of "this looks gross, you eat it") I'm lucky to have a hubby who plays along.

But--- these things are de.lic.ious. I can eat my weight in these bad boys.

Nutritional information: Meat, dairy, veggie. That's healthy... right?

I warned the girls. I told them what I was making, using the official name, of course. I admitted that it sounds like the nastiest thing ever and that based off the description (and the looks, to be honest) they aren't anything that I would ever eat in a million years. But I did. And fell in love. And there is no going back. Boy-oh-boy these babies are definitely craveable. (Spell check tells me this isn't a word... humor me)

Yeah, I know, they look nasty.

Now, let's just hope that these aren't strike two for me and my appetizers.
I'd hate to become the "do you want me to bring anything??."
"Uhhh-----no, that's fine, I think we have it covered" person.

Now, as long as the girls like my salami smeared with cream cheese and wrapped around a mini dill pickle with a toothpick through the middle, the night will be a success. Well, that and if the puppy (and kitten) don't yack up the salami I gave them when I was done making these... at least not when the company is all here anyway... (sorry....but it is the truth..). :)

Any book suggestions for our Feb book?

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  1. These look yummy, Can you send me some ASAP. I am now craving this and all I have is cream cheese. thanks for inspiring me.

    Cha Cha

  2. They aren't the nastiest things ever... I like them! I thought they were made with sweet pickles though... We should try them with sweet pickles sometime! =)

  3. These sound good, I would eat these even if I wasn't pregnant!!


  4. I've always wondered what those things are called! ;) You're right - yum.

    Book club ideas...I've got one for you, although I'm not sure what type of books you usually go for? Love Walked In by Marisa de Los Santos. One of my favorite books ever.

  5. hee hee you are hysterical, and those do sound ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, but I can tell that they are probably really yum. I might get up the courage to make these soon...:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I bet if you called them Le désordre délicieux in your best Julia impression (French for the yummy mess) they would be a HIT!

    - Deborah


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