dining room chairs redo

It has been a slow week around here project-wise. I work from home as an online instructor for a college and teach a few adjunct classes from time to time. I've had essays to grade this week (and still have about 18 left) and an teaching an evening class starting next Thursday for Indiana Wesleyan at their Louisville campus for 5 Thursday nights. And there's that whole degree thing I'm working on (well, maybe the better phrase is "should be working on more"). So... I haven't had time to make that craft supplies run I've been dying to make. 

So, instead, since I wrote about redoing the dining table earlier, I'll do the chairs tonight.

Dustin had these when we got married. He bought them at a "big ole used furniture place in Indianapolis". (that's the only description I have) I just discovered that he paid $100 for all four. ("A hundred?!?!" was my remark.)

They looked a little bit like this.....

This was pre-digital camera and is the ONLY pic I have. Imagine that they are solid silver/gray with the front legs a faux wood. They also had a matching wood circle in the circle at the top of the back. That came off first. It looks like I have already started painting them in this pic, but SURELY I took the seat off first. (Unless the paint fumes and gasoline fumes-- see gas tanks in background-- were just too much for me then...)

Let's assume I did it the right way and removed the seat first.... There are little screws on the bottom that hold the seat on the frame. Then, I just painted in the garage and took the seats inside.

I found this super cute fabric at WalMart. I try not to shop there now, but this was then. :) I had never done this before so it was a bit trial and error. Luckily for me, it is easy :). I just laid the fabric face down and put the seat face down on it. I started at one end with a staple gun.

I pulled the fabric tight and did the other end and then both sides. Then, I pulled the corners under and stapled them. I tried to make sure that all the pleats and folds were underneath so that the top and sides were neat and smooth.

Once the paint dried, I brought them all back in, screwed the front legs back on and fastened the seat to the frame.

New -er...  like new chairs.

I shared this at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Friday.


  1. They looks great!! I have some pretty nasty (falling-apart) chairs around my DR table, so hopefully a re-do is in the near future. GREAT work!!

  2. I love the fabric. I am a sucker for all things toile. Nice work!

  3. Great job and you can't go wrong with toile.

  4. You simply can't go wrong with toile and black. Very nice.

  5. I have that fabric framed above my washer and dryer :) I also made a bag out of the blue version.

  6. Wonderful!!!!! I agree with Rene above... you can't go wrong with toile and black!

  7. I like your re-do. A little paint, fabric and a lot of labor, da..da..you have new chairs.

  8. Shannon,

    Your chairs came out great! I love the black and white toile.


  9. Great job shannon! I like the fabric. Can't go wrong with black.

  10. So sleek and pretty! The fabric and colour of frame is decadent!


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