The best-laid plans of mice and men...

We are HOME. Hallelujah, we are home. A bigger hallelujah to the fact that I can eat. Yes, friends, North Carolina Noncation 2010 was a trip where I mainly saw the undersides of the blankets in the Holiday Inn. And, about 15 episodes of Pawn Stars on HISTORY. (Gotta take advantage of cable tv when you can!) Monday, after I posted the pic of the place where I would be working all week I started getting sick. As in, can't keep food in my stomach sick.

I'll spare the details. Dustin was at the school and had no idea. I called my mom-- because she was in Indiana and I was in N Carolina sick... so, obviously, I call my mom. She told me to go get a Sprite. Good advice... until I could no longer even keep the Sprite down.

As I laid in the nest of towels on the bathroom tile (yes, I was THAT sick) I thought

"The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry." 

Then I laid there and thought, "What's that from?" (Even though the title of the book is IN the quote, it took me a few minutes to think of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men).

I was that sick. I don't even like John Steinbeck. (shhh, I know, I know... but I don't.) But, apparently I've taught that book enough that as I laid there thinking of what I had plans to do that week and that laying on the tile of a hotel bathroom wasn't in the plans, this quote popped into my head.

I entered our hotel on Monday afternoon only to stay there until Friday morning when we checked out. I did go to the school with Dustin Friday morning though. And, I was able to walk around at their "show and tell".

Ah-Mazing. Everyone should go to this school.

I'll post my pics from Show and Tell and the few that I was able to take later. Today I am working on getting all the work that I was supposed to get done last week when I couldn't even sit up in bed to use the laptop. I'm also working on peer pressuring/making sweet talking Dustin into writing a blog post about his blacksmitthing class. Watch out.. he's even chattier than me.

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