Folk school discovery and some trip goals

Welcome to my hotel room office for the week. Don't tell my chiropractor that this is where I'm spending all my time....

This week is what I call my noncation. Last night at the school, everyone was asking what class I was taking. We joked that Dustin was there to blacksmith and since I work online, I'm along for the ride and am financing the trip. I don't mind working. But, the next time we come, I'll make sure we come one week where I'm not quite so busy so I can attend a course as well. Apparently, once you attend this school, you return at least once a year for other courses. And, after just a few hours, I can see the charm. The cute buildings are inviting, the people welcoming and chatty, the food family style and delicious! (pics to come later this week)

While I was waiting for Dustin, I met a lot of interesting people. My big discovery of the night was when I was in the 'livingroom' and started chatting with a guy who happens to redo furniture for a living. My dream. 

We chatted about some of my stripping/refinishing projects and I mentioned the piano that I have from my grandma. It was actually her mother's. Its finish it pretty dull and "alligatored", as he called it. He mentioned two products to try on it. He gave me instructions and his distributor information in case I can't find it. That is now project number 1 when we get home. He said that it is the next best thing to stripping it and refinishing it. 

And, I was warned, he doesn't know where I live, but if I ever touch it with Pledge, he will find me. I promised. (he doesn't know I'm too cheap for Pledge!)

So, while on noncation, I have also decided that this is a great time to start some personal goals. 

1. I will stop biting my fingernails. This goes in cycles. I'll stop for a year and then fall off the wagon and bite them for months and months. I've been on a binge since Thanksgiving this time. The  only way I can stop is to put on cheap fake nails for a week. For some reason, that lets them grow just enough that I'll leave them alone. As a nail biter who began her career at the age of 4, I am dedicated. If I weren't so embarrassed, I'd show you a pic. I bite them well beyond what a person should. So short that they hurt. I'll get out of the shower or get done washing my hands and be in pain. I know... ridiculous.  So, I'm typing with my fake nails that I applied and painted on the trip down. I'll take them off after we get home. For some reason, riding or driving in the car is the perfect nail biting location. 

2. I will start working out. I'm a small person; I'm not doing this as any type of weight management. I just like to run. I feel better when I am active. Working from home has made me lazy and blah. So, this week, with a treadmill, elliptical, bike and pool, I'm out of excuses. :) This morning, I worked for an hour and headed downstairs where I jogged a mile, biked for 20 minutes (really only did this because it was a good excuse to read.. I'm not sure I did anything that classifies as exercising) and then hit the pool for about 15 minutes. I haven't swam in over a year and a half, so it felt GREAT! We have a nice treadmill at home too. This week is my chance to get back into a slight running routine so that I'll keep it when I get home. And, it is a great break from working. Dustin is busy all day with class (and I was told last night that the blacksmithers often wok until 1 am) so I have plenty of time to get my work done, enjoy my book, take a jog and a swim and still enjoy noncationing. (all without biting my nails!)

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