Chilly outside-- tortilla soup inside

Yeah, yeah... my clothes pins are still on the line... :) oops

I don't really mind the snow... as long as

1) I don't have to leave the house
2) Dustin doesn't have to leave the house
3) We have plenty of catfood (have you even been with a cat, or two, when the last crunchy morsel is gone?) Catfood is a snow necessity.
4) We have plenty of food. (yes, the catfood goes before people food... they really are obnoxious when you run out)

This week, all of those conditions have been met.

On Sunday, I tested out a recipe for tortilla soup. I first met tortilla soup at the Hanover College cafeteria. Yes, I know it was out of a 55 gallon drum, but MMMmmmm, a love affair began. Every time we go out to eat (on a now $40 a month budget) I get tortilla soup if they have it. Some is good, some isn't so good. It never seems to compare to HC's version though. Perhaps my memory is glamorizing it in a Jay Gatsby kind of way.


I'm not sure it looks that great in pics, but I am happy with the results. And, it is spooned out in this pic, so you can't tell that it is actually soup. It was goooood. And, we ate it for about 4 days. I think it was about $1 per bowl.

2 cans of stewed tomatoes 
2 cant tomatoes with chilis
2 cans corn
can black beans (I only used 1/2 the can)
3 cooked chicken breasts
chicken broth 

Then, we loaded it into our soup mugs with sour cream, cheese, and ate it with tortilla chips. When I took this picture, we were already snowed in and had eaten all the sharp cheddar cheese, so we used mozzarella. As long as it's cheese, I don't mind. 


Next time, I won't use stewed tomatoes. They were a bit big compared to the rest.   On the last 2 bowls, Dustin wanted to try it with some taco meat seasoning. So, we had chicken tacos one night and saved some of the seasoning. It was just as good without the seasoning as it was with it. I think he liked it better with though. 

I can't wait to make it with fresh corn and tomatoes from the garden this summer!! Until then, we'll look at the pretty view and dream of warmer weather.

Patiently waiting to go play in the snow.
It is getting deep around here ;)

Ellie's thoughts: "Can I PLEASE stop posing and eat snow?"

We have at least 7 inches of snow with more on the way and 30 mph winds tonight.

It's cold, windy, and deep. But, we have enough catfood, milk, cereal, and blankets to enjoy it though. For a few days anyway....


  1. You might try chilli ready tomatoes -- they seem to be in a bit smaller chunks and they've got chilli seasoning already which might help with that for Dustin. Sounds yummy though! Tortilla soup is so good, but it can be messed up so easily by trying to do too much. Glad you found a recipe that works (that I can steal too! =)

  2. Hmmmm.... I do use chili ready tomatoes when I make regular chili. I wonder if that would make this taste too much like chili (?) I'm just excited about making it this summer when I can just use fresh from the garden tomatoes! I plan to can a bunch more this fall than last so hopefully I'll have some home grown stuff to make this when we get snowed in next winter :)

  3. YUM! I'm here in Lancaster, PA--also being snowed in as we speak. I am making some soup tonight for dinner--this kind just moved to the top of the list :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the yummy recipe! I like your paprika Longaberger soup mugs, everything is always extra tasty when served in them!

  5. Looks super yummy! You could always use diced tomatoes...they make them without the chili flavor and sans onions...

    Fresh tomatoes sounds really good too. I have a summer salad that has fresh corn, tomatoes, avocado and grilled peppers and it is soooo good!


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