Folk School and V-Day- Shustin style

I don't think I mentioned it, but I am writing from Murphy, North Carolina this week!

The dark, blurry sign at 9 last night... our beacon of hope

We prepped for MILES for this photo. I was in the driver's seat, so Dustin had to work on his A game to be able to capture it. And, we were running low on camera battery, so there was added pressure. (along with the fact that it was 29 degrees, the roads were wet/icy looking, and Betty (the GPS) took us AROUND the mountains. This means that she took us on the windiest backroads possible for 45 miles. I was averaging a speed of 30mph. But, that also meant that he had TWO chances to capture what we had been waiting to see for so long! I had plans to write this cool blog with all the Welcome To signs. Then Tennessee ruined it all by being snowy and even blurrier, sigh...  So, you are stuck with this one instead :)

Why are we here and why are you being bored with our travel boredness inspired excitement?
Dustin is attending the John C Campbell Folk School for the week and since I can work from anywhere with a laptop and wireless, I am along for the ride. He is going to blacksmith classes for the week. Yes, I'm serious. No, he's not a retiree. And, yes, I already have quite a stack of magazine clippings of things I want him to make me at some point.

We haven't been to the school yet, but from the website, it looks really cool. They have hundreds of classes offered throughout the year on endless topics. My plan is to work from the hotel for a few days and then spend a day at the school. There is an area with wireless, so I hope to be able to take the computer and work from there. (and take lots and lots of pics!) We are headed there later tonight for a dinner and to meet the instructors.I'm tagging along.

Since it is Valentine's Day today, I thought I'd also write about what he and I do every year. We are budgeters, in case you hadn't noticed :). (Please ignore this trip-- we hope Dave Ramsey does). Every year for Valentine's Day we only give cards. We don't do gifts, we don't do anything special... except for The Card Contest. Here is the outside of Dustin's submission for 2010

My husband is the best card picker outer I have ever seen. He always picks out the perfect card. (He also has to sign his own name when we send joint cards) So, we have a good natured, albeit competitive, contest to see who can pick out the best card. Some years, funny has won. Some years, serious took the cake. The winner gets the year long pride of knowing that she (ok, or he) beat the other one. We mean business here. I won last year, of course... and not to brag, but I think I'll take the trophy home with me this  year too. :)

On the way here one of our conversations went like this:

Me (in a can-you-believe-it tone): You will never guess how much your card cost!

Dustin: Six dollars 
(Editorial comment- Don't you hate it when someone overguesses/underguesses and ruins the moment?)


So, in order to be even cheaper, I mean sweeter, next year the card contest will only allow homemade cards. 
I'm SO going to win that one too.....


  1. My hubby ALWAYS underguesses me when I come home super excited about a deal I got. Always. I love your card idea! We didn't even do cards this year but we did go out for coffee which was wonderful.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. I had to laugh when I read your post! We are CARD people too!!! We only do cards for valentine's Day, as well as our Anniversary. Don't get me wrong, I love my hubby, but Valentine's Day is overrated (IMO) and this year on our anniversary, my husband was g.o.n.e. 12 years and he went out running with the boys.....so yeah, he only got a card. ;) I remember being pg and going to pick out a card - meaning to get a Valentine's Day card - my heart was in the right place, but my pea brain was somewhere else. Even though I read the card "3" times, I knew it was the one, got home, signed it, sealed it & delivered it. It was a birthday card.................seriously. I lost that year.


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