Goodwill Candlesticks get a free makeover

This past Saturday, I headed to Indy for the day to shop with a bunch of great gals. We hit 4 Goodwill stores in the area and I found some great deals. Since we leave soon for a family vacation, I tackled the easiest of my purchases first.Well, that, and this is a super busy work week for me and I'm trying to crank out as many essays as I can write for my class.

So, the taller candlesticks were my first victims.

If they weren't quite so gold they might have stayed as is. I'm not s big gold fan. They were painted to look like copper, almost, with the green aged look in places. (maybe it was just dirt and grossness:) But, I think it was intentional)

Gold and Green Glamour... almost...

We had a beautiful day here, FINALLY! It was warm; it was sunny; it was a smidge windy... so, I made sure to stay away from the house and car as I painted. (Lesson learned the hard way) I took my two purchases and my new Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from my swag bag and headed out to make more spray paint marks on our driveway. There are several spray paint outlines of previous victims there as well.

I gave it two coats, but that was only because of the detail and and having to spray from different angles. It only took one to cover it, I just needed too many angles for one.

I have to admit... I didn't realize how great this paint looked. I'm not just saying that because it was free either. The lid of the spray can doesn't do it justice. Much like my pics are about to do too... the mirror next to them is painted flat black, so you can see a bit of the color of it here.

I took these last night and hoped for sunlight today for some better pics before I posted, but the sun isn't showing itself quite yet.

And, the new jewels on the constantly half empty mantle. Anyone have any ideas for this mantle?

Yes, they will get candles. Right now, I only have peppermint striped pillars for Christmas and the burnt orange and bright white ones we use when the power goes out :) So, pretend there are candles there that are just the PERFECT color....

Not bad for less than $4.

I'm tempted to find some glaze to use on these too.. I've never, ever used it before... I know, gasp.


  1. wow! they look great! I hope to use my spray paint today. Gloomy day go away! I want sunshine!
    It's amazing how spray paint can change the look of ugly thrift store finds. When everyone figures that out, we won't be able to find anything! :(
    good luck getting all your stuff together, if I don't "talk" to you before you leave, have a safe and fun trip!

  2. They turned out great! I'm itching to use that paint on some old bronze lamps I have too! Great job!

  3. I love finding stuff at Goodwill like that then giving it a fresh look with black paint. Yours turned out great :)

  4. Wow those came out great1 I've never used the ORB before but am discovering that some of my favorite family heirlooms are very similar in color.

    Have a great vacation! I look forward to seeing what you do w/ the rest of your finds! Now I'm off to start painting my brass lamp... :)


  5. They look great! Way better than the greenish gold!! LOL

  6. Looks fab! what a pleasure meeting you! Cannot wait to see what else you do. We shoudl so have another get together in Indy- but make this one free, and no swag, (cause my blog isnt huge and cool, and no onw would give me stuff to give away, lol) just hanging and food! :-)

  7. Hey girl!!! Your treasures have been perfected I see! LOVE IT! I love ORB. I remember 6 years ago when I was on the search for knobs that were ORB and it was impossible...now it is everywhere!

    Can I see a full picture of your mantle? I am sure you saw Layla's entire spread on mantle decor. DO you have stone shelves by your mirror? Oh my....that could be utilized so nicely. Ugh...I need photoshop so I can show instead of type.

    What style would you like to overall achieve? Do you have any inspirations that you like? I know I like my mantle to be done with...and maybe dolled up for Christmas, but I am not too much into seasonal changes...pharmacy school keeps me too busy.

    Ok..novel done. :)


  8. Fantastic!
    I love ORB... please, oh please warm up so I can spray again... its been 4 1/2 long months...
    Great job,


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