Shop and Hop Goodwill Loot

If you think I scored big with the free stuff from the swag bags... you're right! :) But, I also scored big with my purchases also.

Let me mention again, I don't spend money. Ever. When Dustin and I go shopping I will carry something around a store with me for an hour. Then, when we walk to checkout I say "I don't think I really need this..." and I'll put it back where it came from. This drives Dustin insane. I did that on Saturday with about 5 or so things, too. We're actually GLAD that we do the Dave Ramsey plan (for numerous reasons) because it makes it ok for me to spend my blow money when it is dedicated to being "Shannon's Blow Money". I still often have some blow money left at the end of the month, but that's ok too.... :)

Without further ado.....

The candle collection

The two tall gold/fake copper ones will most likely get the Oil Rubbed Bronze from the swag bag. Their destiny, for now, is the mantle. The two smaller ones are going to get a coat of primer, a coat of black paint, and then they will be my sacrificial silver leafing project, maybe. The tea light "boat" will get some coat of light color paint that I don't own yet and will head up to the bonus room/room above the garage/office.

Who would have guessed that this little wooden calendar would be Dustin's favorite of all my purchases? Not me. It will also get some paint. I have number stickers but am on the lookout for the months. I don't want to have to handpaint/stencil them if I don't have to. I thought it was cutesy. I know I won't ever remember to change the date, but, for $1.99, I thought it was a cute little find.

Right now, I'm on the hunt for a saying, quote, something to write on this puppy once it is painted. I think it will be hung sideways. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to put a few lines of the song Dustin and I danced to at our wedding. That is still TBD. I've put Dustin on the mission as well. He is really good at coming up with things like that, something I'm sure he'll be REAL happy I told everyone :).

Maybe a coat of the Oil Rubbed Bronze... maybe going to live on the coffee table with all the decorative balls I've been making... maybe...

Ummm... yeah. I dunno either. I think it is the top from an old (?) shoeshine stand. I just thought it looked neat and had some potential... somewhere :) And, I thought that Dustin would think it was cool. As previously stated, the calendar is his fave. :) If it weren't so gold, I'd probably only clean it up some. But, the gold will need some work.

This won't get "crafted". This is actually my ONLY purchase that won't get painted, ha. I just thought it looked fun and like a great tradition to start when we have little ones running around the house at Christmas. (and, it was only .99)

And, the bigguns.....

When I say "bigguns" I mean, almost-didn't-make-it-home-in-a-Ford-Escape big...with all the seats folded down... and the front seat all the way up and forward... and the back door barely shut.

I just realized, as I type this in bed and nowhere near this table, that I don't have any REALLY good pics of it.. It is 5'1" long and less than 2 ft deep with a cane bottom. It was $14.99. No, it doesn't have a top. My mom's husband works at a sawmill so I might get wood for it... or I might spring for some glass. (Or beg my grandma to so some stained glass for it:) Hi grandma:)) It will become either brown of some shade or a light color for the upstair/bonusroom/office.

And my last big purchase, another $14.99, was this beauty.

She will be losing the fake leather, will get new hinges, and a coat of paint.

Dustin doesn't like wicker.... so I come home with a wicker trunk/basket big enough for both of us to get in (no really, it is that big). I ask his opinion on everything before I paint/change things. I like a second opinion; he comes up with some cool ideas; and, he's gonna have to live with all my projects too, so I like to see what he thinks. (I don't always listen.. but I ask...that counts, right?). He thinks this is a cool piece but he doesn't want it white. He apparently isn't a total wicker hater; he is just against white wicker. This is going to end up as a coffee table or end table most likely and with blankets stored in it. Ellie, the puppy, thinks everything is hers... especially the blankets. So, this was bought to keep the non-Ellie blankets away from her little cuddly self. Although, I am half tempted to make the bottom the basket for blankets and do another project with the lid.... I chance the whole thing becoming a kitten/puppy bed if I do that though....

There you have it!
And there I have it, for a grand total of $49.11!

Any suggestions for any of my great finds?? I leave on Friday for a family vacation, so I'm guessing I'm not going to get much accomplished with any of this until I get back! But, I am always open to an opinion besides those from my white wicker hating hubby :)


  1. I am so jealous that I couldn't make it! It looks like you all had such a great time!!

  2. Wow! Lots of cool loot! I love the wicker trunk... but agree with the anti-white wicker sentiments.

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  4. Just the other day my three year old asked, "Mommy, can we go to Goodwill?". I've trained him well! Cracking up about you carrying things around and then putting them back - I do the same exact thing - my kids think I'm crazy, but I'm a frugal mama. Dave Ramsey also rescued us from certain financial despair!

  5. I love the wicker trunk. I wouldn't paint it maybe stain it with a woodstain or leave it as is. I think the natural look to wicker is better. I wish our local Goodwill had bargins like that. All the big cool furniture I've seen is usually over $50.

  6. I LOVE that table! Where did you snag that? I don't even remember seeing it on the floor. You stinkerbell!!! I plan to post my goodies AFTER Thursday final. I can not wait to see the treasures you create. :)


  7. Some great finds....Having a sleepless night in Shreveport, so thought I would blog hop....Enjoyed my stop here...


  8. If you play your cards right (not that it'll be too hard I'm sure! =)) you could probably talk me into doing a glass tabletop for you as a summer(ish) project -- since the blanket I'm crocheting currently and 3 I have to have finished by October aren't enough for me! If you want, get some measurements and the next time you're in we can look through the glass Granny has. She just got the rest that was @ Elm St so there's plenty to decide upon!

  9. Christmas trivia is the BEST!!! We play it every year at my family's christmas!!! ~Natalie


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