Huge wicker basket

I bought this huge basket on the Shop and Hop trip I went on. It was $15.00. It needed a little TLC. (But, to be honest... not all that much....) I laughed after I bought it because Dustin isn't a wicker fan....so I buy a 3' long, 1.5' tall, and 1.5' deep solid wicker basket with lid :)

 (Why is it that every time I take pictures, a 4-legged creature HAS to help? This has been in the living room since I bought it at least a months ago. Sophie loves it but acted like she'd never seen it when it was time to take the pictures of it)


Anyway.... the hinges on it were attached to the base, but not the top. It was also covered in bad fake leather. I can handle some fake leather, but this was 5 year old boy wallet quality. It had to go.

Here are all the pieces... well, most of them. Sophie claimed some of them and took off with them. I'm sure I'll find pieces randomly around the house and think they are snakes....

Once I had the "leather" off,  had Dustin take it to the garage and blow it off with the air compressor. It was REALLY dusty inside. Then, I had him Gorilla Glue the hinges down and find 6 screws so we could attach them to the top. 

I also wove a piece of twine through the weaving on the inside so that it won't open all the way and accidentally rip hinges off or tear something. It is pretty solid, but, just in case. 

I planned on finding some spray stain and giving it a coat to darken it up some. I haven't located said stain yet, so, for not, it's staying au naturale.  And, since we aren't certain where this piece will live, I'm on with it being neutral. It might stay in the living room... or the upstairs living room.... or it may head to the baby room once we start to redo it. And, since I'm pregnant,  I'm at Dustin's spraying mercy. (He hates to paint, by the way....) For now, it is living beside the couch- the perfect place for Sophie to try and beat it up. 

It looks a smidge plain now, so when I give it a coat of spray stain, I might paint the thicker cross pieces/frame a darker color to break it up a little. It may also get a cedar plank base inside to help keep blankets fresh. But, like so many of my projects.... this one works for now :)

Oh, and did I mention... I only paid $14.99!


  1. I'll spray paint for you pal! I promised Claire a new pink cow stick anyways so I'll have to pain that.

  2. way to go! Nice job replacing the hinges. It looks great!

  3. I would love to do a blog swap with you .... my blog is www.iamonly1woman.blogspot.com. Email me at boblyns at yahoo dot come :) Have a great day

  4. That was a great deal on the trunk. I'm with you on the fake leather thing, definitely better without. How clever of you to add the twine to keep the top from "hyperextending". (happens to my thumb all the time!) I will definitely keep that tip in mind for hinged lids.

  5. Love it!

    BTW- You were one of my Sunshine award picks :)


  6. What an awesome basket for $15! I love pieces like that. They look great and provide loads of storage. Nice find.


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