Meet Margot.
AKA: Mar-goT, MCat, Margot-Meow-Meow, Meergo

 Don't take offense to the 'look' you are getting. That's pretty typical :)

She is going on 6 years old this summer.  She is currently on life number 7, we estimate.

And, yes, she only has one eye. We think that only used up two or so lives, but we're not sure on the accuracy of that count.

(This is a rare photo.... She only climbs trees up to a height of about 2 feet. I happened to have the camera to catch this climb of 3.5 feet)

She is a cat who prefers to be inside, sleeping curled up next to Dustin or on a couch or blanket somewhere. She isn't a big huntress nor does she really like anything but herself, Dustin, crunchy catfood, and me... in that order :) I was once at the top of that list. Then, she realized that he puts off more body heat.

She used to also love a toy and carried it around at night and slept with it. Then Sophie came along and not only stole Pookie, but ripped off his 'face' and now carries him around. (Big "strike 1" for their relationship)

The BFFs, Ellie and Sophie, also stole one of her beds. (Strikes 2 and 3)

Monday night, I saw Margot on the driveway at around 7ish.  Then, she vanished. She didn't come in Monday night. This isn't typical. She stays out all night about 3 times a year. When this happens, she's impatiently waiting for us the next morning. Tuesday morning- no Margot. We looked and looked and looked. She's very nosy so we even looked in our neighbor's sheds and buildings. No Margot.

Tuesday night... no sign of her still. There was no evidence of anything... no cat fight, nothing. Wednesday rolled around. I was convinced that she was a goner and we'd never see her again. Then, Dustin started gathering his tools to work on the chicken coop and from a room off the garage, when he opened the door Margot shot out. Keep in mind that we BOTH looked in this room and in the garage THREE times EACH. Once, I stood in there for 3 or 4 minutes searching and talking to her.

This may seem like no big deal... but pets become a part of the family in this house. I had Margot (and her sister who got ran over last summer) before I met Dustin.

Although this is the first time she's disappeared, this is not her first misadventure.

Some of Margot's other big adventures:
-Exploratory surgery that resulted in portions of her intestines being removed (she was 'exposed to a toxin'). The vet said that her pain leading up to this was the equivalent of a person's appendix exploding.

-A bad experience with anesthesiology with her spaying. My mom picked her up from that and she still hates Mom, 5 years later.

-A run in with a car that broke her jaw, knocked out and broke some of her little front teeth, and caused her to lose her eye. If you look in her mouth, you can still see that her jaw was broken right down the center. Her teeth don't 'match up'.

-Sleeping on top of the open garage door....which resulted in us shutting the door, without knowing, and pinning her at the TOP. From the outside, when the door shut, all I saw where her hind legs sticking out from the TOP of the garage door. I was convinced it was going to be ugly. We opened the door, she jumped down, yelled at us, and ran off. How dare we.

-If it will happen... it happens to Margot-Meow-Meow (who got that name from my husband. He only calls her that because it gets on her nerves... like most things do)

We give ole Margot a hard time, but she's a pretty pleasant cat. She has her hateful moments, but don't we all. I can't say that I blame her for hating Ellie and Sophie either. She was just getting used to the "only child status" around here and we started adopting them. And if I were a 6 year old cat, they'd get on my nerves too.

PS- I've not meant to be "gone" so long! :) I'm 9 weeks pregnant and things seem to be going well this time around! I spend most of my time on the couch or asleep :) The rest of the time, I'm working or writing papers for school. My DIYing will hopefully pick back up in a few weeks when my energy does! (and as my sick feeling fades) I have a few great cleaners in mind and plan to try them out this weekend.


  1. shanon
    what a wonderful story! I have 2 cats (indoor) miss kitty and Matt Dillon. They would love to go out, but where I live, I'm just afraid to take the chance.
    Take care of yourself. I love diy but your health and that little one are much more important than a blog or diy! :)
    wishing you all the best!

  2. oops... mispelled your name... that's what I get for multi tasking!


  3. I know it stinks but morning sickness and tiredness are very good signs, as I am sure you already know ;0), so bow to the porcelain god all you can!!!

  4. Love that you post about your pets! I have two cats and a dog too! they are part of the family.


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