And then he dug

So, in kitchen news...
I don't have much interesting to update. We  Dustin are is still working on it, but it isn't fun, photogenic types of things.

Luckily for us, Dustin has been an electrician. Unfortunately for Dustin, he's been an electrician.For reasons I don't fully understand (beyond the "if we run the power from the house, we'll have to cut holes every 5 feet in the kitchen ceiling to drill through floor joists...") we Dustin had to do this tonight...

The electricity that will power the oven has to come from the blue building in the picture. He's still out there working on it. But, he has all the conduit laid and buried and I keep having to go out and help him pull the wire. He's made it to the building and is just getting as far up the wall as he can before it is too dark.

In the 7 minutes I was just out there, I think 75 mosquitoes bit me.... I am SO ready for those chickens to get here! They've taken a backseat to the whole 'we don't have a stove' problem we had going for two weeks :)

On a HUGE positive note- We got to take back a bunch of electrical stuff since we aren't having to completely redo our breaker box. We did that today and bought everything we needed to finish the project.. including a roll of beadboard wallpaper for the oven's cabinet (and two half dead blueberry bushes that were half price and will come out of it anyway...) And, we are $7 under budget! WOOHOO!

Of course, we spend almost that in Starbuck's when we left Lowe's... that electrical aisle just takes it out of me. It might be the most boring aisle in the place :).

I think I'll try to do the beadboard on the cabinet tomorrow so I can get it painted and the trim up on it. It has been primed since this pic and has the oven in place. It is just made out of plywood. We didn't want anything expensive fancy.

So, hopefully tomorrow night I'll have an ALMOST finished cabinet to show off! fingerscrossed

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  1. yay for being under budget! Ya'll have been hard at work. I know nothing about chickens... hahahah they eat mosquitos? I am clueless!


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