Make your own Fruit rollups

Someone recently commented on an older post and asked about fruit roll ups on the food dehydrator. So, in the midst of the No Stove Two Weeks that we just had, I made some.

They are super easy.

You need:
Apple Sauce
Packet of Jello
Food dehydrator with trays (or wax paper)

Take 2 cups of applesauce and mix in a packet of Jello.. just the powder. For each tray in your dehydrator, you will use half of this mixture. Mix it up and watch for clumps. Mine was clumpy so I had to mash up the clumps of Jello. 

I have 4 trays, so I made a batch of Strawberry and one of Raspberry. I was on a kick several months ago where I thought we'd start making and eating Jello. We didn't... so I had (outdated) boxes of Jello to use :). 

I don't have solid trays (my mom does...and I kept forgetting to get them). So mom suggested that I use wax paper. I cut the wax paper to fit my trays.

Exciting pictures, I know....

Spray the wax paper with Pam. I didn't do this enough so we had quite a time getting them off the paper. Spray LIBERALLY and pour about one cup of the mixture on the paper. I spread it out with a spoon so it was even.

Then, plug in and dehydrate. It takes about 8 hours for them to get dry. You have to watch because all dehydrators and thicknesses of your pour differ. You don't want them to be gooey feeling. 

And, voila! Fruit rollups that are mostly applesauce!
We had a lot... A LOT of trouble freeing ours from the wax paper. But, by BARELY wiping over the back of the paper, it came free. Cut them in strips once they are free, roll them up, and put them in a container. We LOVE 'em!


  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. It reminded me that I have four pics in my storage on how to make Yogurt Leather. I need to up load that to my blog. I am trying this today!!!


  2. Ok, I know what my daughter will want to do this weekend!

  3. We made fruit leather every summer with my grandma growing up. That and dried apples and bananas. I think I am going to get my dehydrator out this summer and make some with my kids!

  4. Mmmm! Too bad you didn't use Knox gelatin & juice so you could share with your favorite cousin! =) Guess I better get on it with my dehydrator!

  5. How Delicious! I never would have guessed apple sauce.

    You have a much more established blog than myself and you may have already received this, but I enjoy your blog so much, I decided I'd give it to you anyway:

    I wanted to give you a Sunshine Award for your blog - check out mine for details:

  6. I have got to try this! Any recommendations on where to get an inexpensive dehydrator? Also- could you use sugar free jello?

  7. Thanks for posting this! I was very courious about how they turned out. I think my daughter would love these! Now, I just need to find me a dehydrator (like Cris said). I've always wanted one, but just have never went any further with getting one. What other things do you guys like in your dehydrator?


  8. Sounds delicious! What a great snack. Thanks so much for linking up to Finished for Friday.

  9. Great idea! I can never quite get them right, I'm going to have to give this way a try!

  10. What a FANTASTIC idea!! I love this!

  11. Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to try it!!!

  12. thats a great idea. Much better choice that those icky sugary things from the store with almost no fruit.


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