Coop completion and a duct cat

Ladies and gentlemen.... we have a completed coop!

Now, we just need the chickens :) It's raining now, but I'll give you the complete inside tour soon :)

We have also started to wallpaper the oven cabinet. One side took way longer than it should have, so we plan to finish the front tonight. (crossed fingers)

AND.. Dustin is finished painting the garage. (We are waiting on less humidity to paint the floor). He's currently in the reorganizing phase. He does this at least 2 times a year anyway :)

So, all our projects not on our project list are about to be completed :) 
(I got ahead of myself the other day... the garage WAS on a list.. but it is on the "When we win the lotto list". It is a much more extensive, lengthy list of things we will never do but still think about. And "painting the garage" wasn't on that list as much as "just build an entirely new garage" was)

In other news:
I'm so glad it is summer- minus the first snake sighting of the year. The view from my office chair: 

And, in Margot news:
She is currently here...

This isn't her first adventure into the duct work. A little over a year ago, she got up there, fell in the wall space and Dustin had to leave work and drive the hour home and cut a hole (or 2) in the wall to get her out. Dustin says that she's kicked out of the house forever. This will be the 5th time he's kicked her out of the house forever....



  1. Good for the coop! Bad for margo! How does she get in the duct work? Poor baby! She's gonna catch a cold if you're running the ac!
    take care!

  2. I wonder why cats like the duct work so much. I had a cat that could pull the vents out of the floor and escape down them since they were just soft duct work they would detach with his weight. And the two kittens I have now came up thru the duct work into our house after thier mom dug a hole in the duct work to keep them warm in October. I hope margo come out safely this time without an eviction notice.


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