Kitchen stove day 1

Just when you want to sleep in and stay in bed all day, you remember that you don't have a cook stove or oven... and that the guy is coming Tuesday to hook the gas cook top up... and that you have a ton of work to do before then...and, that you have grades due tomorrow and two classes starting Monday. So, today, while it rained on and off all day and while most of the country watched the Derby, I watched paint dry while Dustin and mom's hubby, Mike built us a cabinet.

That's ok.. I typically boycott the Derby anyway... I have a hard time enjoying something where I hold my breath waiting to see the horse fall and have to be euthanize on the track. I know... I'm such a bad southern Hoosier.
Here is an "after" picture from the last kitchen project... the floor. There's the stove that died (and is finally off the porch and at a recycling place!). Unfortunately, you can't see the cabinets above very well.

The cabinets came down today. He plans to use them in his chicken coop and we will reuse the doors for what Dustin and Mike worked on today. The unfinished cabinet on the floor also got painted today too. 

It may not look like much... but painting this paneling is not fun. I love to paint... and I HATE painting this kitchen. (That may stem from the seven 12 hour days that I put in when it originally got painted "Starry Night".)

Most of the afternoon later, the wall and cabinet are primed and painted. With the walls getting two coats of color, of course. 

Since I took these, we put the base cabinet in place and set the countertop on it just to see what it looks like. Tomorrow, they will cut a hole in the counter for the cook top, cut a hole in the back of the cabinet for the gas line, and it all will be fastened down nice and tight. 

Meanwhile.... in the garage, Dustin and Mike started to build this cabinet for the oven. I think they are working on it tomorrow too.

(The white doors are from the cabinet we took down today)

So, for a few more days (hopefully only a few more days) we are stoveless. And, our living room looks like the kitchen exploded... which, I guess it kinda did.
The bottom of the counter is blocking the view of the worst of the wreck from the cabinets. If you look closely, you can see the new stove on the table (and the puppy pouting because her daddy went outside without her).

So, now that we have time to sit down, I'm glad that we had a lot of work to do today. We got a lot accomplished and we're exhausted!

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  1. wow! that's a lot of work going on, inside and out. Good luck with the renovating! I watched the derby coverage all day, but when it comes to the actual derby race I get so nervous because there are so many horses on the field.
    take care,


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