We are finally cookin'

I realized that when I titled my last post, I labeled it "day one". That's an understatement! Tomorrow will be Day 14.

But, tonight, folks, we had breakfast burritos with eggs and sausage that were cooked on OUR NEW STOVE! (Dustin decided that we had to have breakfast foods for 'the first meal')

Not a fantastic pic, but it's night and it's as good as I can do :). The room isn't 100%.... we're more like 89% done. The trim still needs to be cut and painted for the above pic, I need to paint the kickplate black. And, we need to finish this cabinet....

It still needs the recycled doors and a coat of paint. The sides are still just Kilz. And, ignore the yellow haze... and my office chair... my office is temporarily on the wall opposite our NEW OVEN!

I gotta take a minute to praise Dustin. We went to a scratch and dent place. He talked them down and we saved over a thousand dollars on them. We looked up their values online and they are each in the $1200 range. We almost got a 2 for 1 deal on them. The oven has a bitty scratch on the handle (we scratch things anyway... I'll take a $500 discount for that!) And, the stove has a cracked burner.. .nothing a little JB Weld didn't fix!

Unfortunately, the oven's electricity can't come from the house and has to be ran to our building... long story that I don't understand... :) so, we are still without an oven. I can deal with that for a while though.

We already love it. We LOVE the stove and LOVE the extra space we already have... and that's not even counting the huge, empty oven cabinet!

A few things we're going to do before this is 'done':
-finish the cabinet
-beadboard wallpaper the sides and front of the oven cabinet (I just thought of this 20 minutes ago in the shower)
-finish the trim work
-paint the old countertop... it is "off yellow" and doesn't match the new counter. We bought countertop sealer and are already holding our breath!
-I would like to also beadboard wallpaper the fridge so it isn't yellow compared to the rest... this is still TBD
-put drawer pulls on under stove
-paint fake hinges on the cabinet fronts under the stove so they'll match the rest... it's my only option...
-...oh, and that whole run electricity to the oven thing.... details...


  1. Oh yay! I'd love to do the same thing here--replacing our electric stove with separates... one day ;)

  2. wow! good for Dustin on wheeling and dealing! :)
    I can't wait to see more pics!

  3. Looks awesome! You will have to let me know about the countertop painting. We just bought a place at the lake and I am wanting to try it down there. Not real sure how it works!


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