Lane's Lantern Release

Tonight, we had a sky lantern release in honor of our son, Lane. Today is what would be his first birthday.

We were amazed at how long we could see them and with how high they went. 

Here, you can see two of the lanterns and the balloons Mom released.  It was still fairly light out and we could still see each of them for several minutes. We could barely see when their fires went out and could just barely tell that they were starting to descend.

We had a really nice day. It is also our anniversary. We went to the cemetery first thing this morning and cleaned his stone and had our time alone there for an hour or so. Then, we landscaped all day in Lane's flower garden and around the grapes and blueberries. (I'll post pics of that tomorrow)  And, then at 9, we met our families at the cemetery for the release. It was perfect. Or, at least as perfect at this situation can be. I'll take that. 

I'm sure I'm about to write a much tearier post on my other blog... but I wanted to share these great pics here too.

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  1. What a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing it with us, and hope I'm glad you have family around you to love on you on such a hard day.


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