A busy day for everyone

All of had a busy, busy day today.

Dustin had his first day as a professional blacksmith.... a rather cute one too, I might add....
...and giggly in his time period inspired ensemble :)

Meanwhile, I went to my aunt's new shop and painted a few walls from red and green to yellow and a sea mist shade.

As if Behr paint needs my promo... but it is awesome....

We also painted over this wall with the sea mist shade also... in one coat.

And while we were off in other towns, Ellie spent the day at my mom's playing with their boxer puppy, Annie. It is apparently hard work paying with Auntie Annie all day. The two of them play nonstop the entire time they are together. And, we also put her in the pool with us for a few minutes while we were there. She's a good little dog paddler, but she wasn't a fan.

She'll sleep all day tomorrow. 

I also scored a bunch of free stuff today. I'll have to talk about those tomorrow though. 
We are all tired pups tonight.

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