I heart free stuff!

It doesn't matter what it is-- if it is free, I'll take it!

Well, if it is furry and cute, I WANT to take it, but I know my hubby would keel over if I bring any more critters home....

On Sunday, I scored big with some freebies.

My aunt recently purchased a gift shop and has been doing some cleaning in a back room. She has a yard sale box where she's putting some stuff. Is it really stealing if you say, "hey, I'm stealing stuff out of your yard sale box" as you do it? I didn't think so either...

The little boxes/crates are going to get their labels peeled off and a coat of paint. The labels aren't as cool looking in real life as they are in the pics. They are basically a paper/plastic sticker and are super shiny. I may try to see if I can make them look better before I attack them with a scraper. The little canister is getting a coat of paint.. or something. The basket is just going to get it's liner washed, most likely. I only have plans for 2 of the 4 pieces right now though.

Then, I went to my mom's to pick up the puppy who wore herself out playing there all day and then swimming. (we already bought the pup from the shelter, so she wasn't a free find on this day... but the puppysitting was :))

Mom has one greenhouse this year and we have been slackers haven't decided where to plant things yet. So, I went through before we left and got 12 tomato plants, 6 yellow bell peppers, 6 green bell peppers, and 6 jalapenos. I planted them today in a bunch of pots we had around here. We have a great yard, but we have a lot of trees, so there isn't a "best" place to plant a garden.

The vine in the front is loofah. I got some from her last year and it stopped growing after 2 inches. This already has a leg up on that!

Not a bad day for free loot!

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