Chicken Drama

The ladies have had an eventful evening.... well, they think so anyway...

No, the drama did not result in the black one on the left losing a leg.. although it looks like she's missing one here. The red one on the right is the brave one. (or as Dustin says "she's either the bravest, or the dumbest"). See the concern in her posture? The craning of the neck so she can see it all unfold. The slightly open beak cheeping in concern.

Concern... and jealousy over the big white one's adventure here (we need to get these ladies some names....)

The big white one decided to roost 20 feet or so up in a tree and the smaller ones were all concerned and jealous. Dustin put the rest of them up just as we heard a fox making noises in the woods not all too far away. (That's another post altogether about why we know what a fox sounds like... that was an interesting week of "what the heck was that?!?!?!" as we tried to fall asleep every night)

After some tree shaking and broom using, she came down and panic ensued a little more. Her little buddies were all gone and she was upset... and was being cornered by Dustin to be put up since she wasn't getting it on her own.

Drama drama

Proud papa with his wayward lady
Crises averted. And, as Dustin said on the way to the house... just another evening on the farm. 
Ha, yeah, we both got a little cluckle chuckle over that too.

ps~ I am my mother's child.. it was only a matter of time before the corny jokes found there way here... :) I'd apologize.. but I don't think it would be sincere :)


  1. names! the girls need names! :)
    apparently the white girl is NOT a "chicken" hahahah
    foxes! Never thought about a fox being in the hen house! oh my!
    good (c)luck!


  2. Lol! You crack me up. I agree... names are in order.

  3. I resemble that remark!!


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