Getting paid to hammer

Today, Dustin took a job at a local state park as their blacksmith! It is exciting and is a great chance for him to get paid to improve his skills. Although, I have to admit, it is going to be weird adjusting to him not being around all the time. With me working from home and him being home, we've gotten used to this laid back lifestyle that we love and cherish.

The job goes through mid October. Our tentative plan is to have him set up and ready to start a metal working business here at home by that time. We have a lot of ideas for it-- typical blacksmith things, maybe some wind chimes, maybe some enameled metal things, and much, much more. We've officially ran out of garage space for this enterprise so it looks as though there will be a small forge building built around here in the near future. The building we have doesn't have a high enough ceiling (neither does our garage). Luckily, our neighbors have the big equipment we will need, so it will only be materials that we have to pay for. (hopefully.... saying that is typically the kiss of death for a good project) 

I'm excited about the idea of him being able to work from home too. I'm so glad that we are both on the same page about life. Our decisions aren't always ones that cause us great financial gain, but money isn't what's important. We love our laid back life even if it means we have to budget a little bit more. And, who knows, maybe our little plans will blossom into something much larger than we anticipate!

So, be prepared for some posts in the future about Dustin's new job and our (probably, most likely) new venture into business ownership. (yikes!)


  1. yay! so happy for Dustin and YOU. I wish you both all the luck in the world.
    It sounds like a perfectly wonderful life!

  2. Wow, that's exciting. I'll look forward to hearing about / seeing his new creations.

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