and then she got high

(the cat, that is...)

Most of the time, things are pretty laid back around here.

From time to time, there will be toys on the stairs that look like snakes in the morning or in the middle of the night.
The toy on the bottom also makes bird noises that always seem to find their way under our bed JUST as we are falling asleep. Every single night.

Occasionally, there is a casualty where Pookie loses an ear... or tail... or entire head and face... or all his fur...
(this toy is about 6 years old, but looked new until Sophie came into town)

And then... we lose Margot... again

Oh, you can't see her either...
Try again

Yes, that's right. 35 feet. On the lowest branch. And she wasn't interested in getting herself down. 
So, we borrow a 24 feet extension ladder (this was before we knew how high she really was). 

After two nights and two days, I called my neighbor and had him take me to a rental place here in town. It was apparent that she forgot that the trunk of the tree was an integral part of the equation and she wasn't about to jump 35 feet. I decided that the ladder would be cheaper than the vet bill. $16.10 later, Margot's feet touched the soil.

So, now we're in the countdown until her next adventure that costs us money. This one was relatively cheap, for her, and didn't result in holes being cut in our walls or emergency vet trips.


  1. oh my! poor baby! Do you think something/someone chased her? or do you think she was just out for a stroll?

  2. Oh Shannon! You could write a book on the adventures of Margot the Explorer.

  3. One of our cats keeps causing trouble too, but it is a much easier problem to resolve... she has developed a bad habit of pretending clothes are her litter box. :(

  4. Love THAT cat! Wonder if her namesake caused as much trouble in her hay day...something tells me that it's DEFINITELY so!


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