The girls and chicken fears

Earlier this week, the ladies got some "friends". Although, they don't like their "friends" and peck them when they are together.

Why is it that adult animals don't like baby animals? Margot still despises Sophie (I'd hate her too if I were Margot though) and the ladies aren't big fans of the new 11 girls. (yea, that's right...we now have 18 total chickens) This winter, we're going to turn into those people who stop by and bring a dozen (or 18) eggs with us every time.. and bring all sorts of weird egg dishes to pitch ins. Get ready, you've been forewarned.

These girls are pretty little and are only about 4-6 weeks old. We're happy with all the different colors. We like some diversity in our chicken farming :).

I'm still terrified of them all though :) I blame my childhood. 

 and a certain loudmouth little chick.... and her mother.

We always had chickens. I have always loved little animals. One day, I picked up a baby chick from a nest only to look up to find momma bird coming at me. I took off; baby bird in hand. This made the chick cheep louder for help which made momma bird run at me harder... which made me run harder. I didn't make it far and threw down the chick in my effort to escape. I also have a memory of Mom standing on the porch laughing while this was happening (thanks for the rescue, Mom!).To this day, I'm a bit weary of birds, their curious stare, and their pointy little beaks. Dustin assures me it doesn't hurt to be pecked, but he's been pecked many times already and we're just starting this whole 18 chicken farm business :)

The ladies all have names and a few of the girls do now too. Maybe one day soon I'll bore you with cameos of all 18 with their names :). Between that and all the weirdo egg dishes I'm gonna have to research and make,  I may lose all my readers and wonder why we're home alone with our deviled eggs, egg salad, and egg drop soup on New Year's Eve this year! 

(Margot is scared of the ladies, but licked her lips when she saw the girls... uh oh :))


  1. Oh Shannon...you can always count on us to spend New Years with you guys and your weirdo egg dishes. Nick does, after all, love deviled eggs =)

  2. HA. Made me think of Forrest Gump... fried shrimp, broiled shrimp, shrimp gumbo -> deviled eggs, egg salad, egg drop soup...

    You are welcome to pawn off any of your extra eggs on us. :)

  3. I share your fear of chickens...so I completely understand! Let me know if you ever need help preparing all your egg dishes...sounds like it could get fun and interesting! haha

  4. haha - would love to read the cameos of eaach chicken :) We only have 3, but they have their own names adn def. distinct personality. My fav is the one my bebe named "Ducky" :)


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