Canning Bee #4: Tomato Chunks

Canning Bee #4: Tomato Chunks

As always, wash your jars. 

Drop the tomatoes into hot water. Leave them in a few minutes until the skin splits. Remove them and drop them into a sink filled will cold water. 
*Yeah, these are the salsa pictures... apparently we didn't take many pics of the tomato Canning Bee... oops... deal with it.... :)

Peel them, core them, and cut the bad places out of them. One bad spot can ruin the whole batch.
(this wasn't a cooked, peeled tomato... the skins fall off of them when they're been in the boiling water)

Chop them and put them in the pan to cook. We left the seeds in them because I don't care of there are some seeds in it. (And, it's a whole lot easier and we get more that way)

This made a consistency that is in between a sauce, juice, and chunks. I wanted it to add to things like chili this winter.

Add tomatoes to larger pot (non-stick) and boil gently for about 5 minutes.

 *yeah, sometimes it's hard to find things to take pics of for all these steps :)

Put into jars with 1/2 Tablespoon of vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.  (This is for pints... double if you do quarts).  Add on lids and rings. Make sure that there isn't anything on the rims or they won't seal.

Add jars to the canner. If you don't have enough jars for the canner, make up the difference with empty jars filled with water.

Close canner lid. Turn on stove and wait for steam to come out steadily. Flip down the pressure valve (if your canner is like the one on the left). Let canner build up tp 11 lbs of pressure and cook there for 10 minutes.

This day, we had two batches going, one right after another. Using two pressure cookers saved time because we didn't have to wait for the pressure in one to drop before we could start the other.

NEVER open one before the pressure has dropped to 0!

Coming soon: 

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Canning Bee #6: Spaghetti/pizza sauce (We're making it now)

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