Freebies and Yard Sale Treasures

Although we aren't done with our Canning Bees quite yet, I wanted to post some recent deals that I've accumulated :)

Earlier this week, our neighbors got all new furniture and had this chair sitting around. It was once their daughter's and she put it in storage, so underneath that slip cover (which also came with it), the pink fabric that it is upholstered with is pretty dirty. I have plans to reupholster it in the next few months with help from my grandma. For now, I guess it will live smack dab in the middle of the living room...

Then, we went yard sale shopping this morning. Dustin's family is having their weekend-long reunion this weekend and Saturday morning is always filled with a carefully planned yard sale trip.

I took $15 and came home with $1.25.

The most expensive item was this piano bench.

It needs some TLC. I plan to recover it and probably strip and restain it to match our piano. We have my great grandmother's piano, but the bench got lost somewhere down the line. I've been looking for one and got this one for $5. I've been following Gail's $5 rule, so this one just made the cut.

I don't need any vases, but I thought this one has a lot of potential. You can paint anything, so this one might stay white (probably) or maybe not... It was only a dollar and it is taller than it looks. 

At the same yard sale I also got this one. I planned to paint it, but think it looks neat as is. It is also pretty hefty also. The pattern is raised, so it adds some great texture. It was only 75 cents.

At another sale, I didn't find anything on the first pass. As I went through it again, I found this oval frame. I've been wanting some oval and round frames, so this $1.50 purchase is perfect. It's the same gold plasticy material that was all over the 1960s (I think) but it will paint up nicely. I have no idea where it will go or what will go in it-- but, hey... I FINALLY FOUND A ROUND FRAME!

Every time I go to craft stores, I always pick up wreaths and put them back. I found these two for $1.00 each.

This next purchase isn't something I'd normally make. I still can't decide if these have the cute potential or not. The cords are shredded and crumbly but Dustin can redo them. They were $1.00 total. SOLD. The glass globes on them are the color of old Ball jars. I think with some scrubbing, new electrical parts, and either a restain or a painting to the base and some spray paint to the metal parts, they have the potential to be cute... We shall see.

And, yes, I will be 28 on August 29th, but I still like straws... and I like a good deal. This straw holder was $1.00.

The lamps, the straw holder, and the piano bench all came from the same sale along with the picture below. I didn't know what it was when I bought it, but it has metal pegs in a compartment in the back and it solid wood. It's Milton Bradley and was 50 cents. If nothing else, I thought it would look good as decoration with other things. (It also has my maiden name, Lowe, on the top).

Once we got loaded up, I asked the people in my van what it was. Luckily, they knew and told me it was a Cribbage board. I don't know if it's fun, but we can play it now if we want to! I just like wooden board games. And, again, I like a deal :). 

Dustin will be thrilled when he gets home and sees what else I drug into the living room :) (I failed to mention that there is also a small table I am about to redo for my aunt there too, haha... its top was in some of the photo shoot from above)

Oh, and I also stumbled across a box of 4 4ft grow light bulbs that are brand new. I called Mom and she said to grab them, so for $1.00, she has more bulbs for her greenhouses.

Too bad my "month off" from my online job ends tomorrow :( I start teaching 3 online classes on Monday, will still be teaching 2 night classes in L-ville for a few months, and taking classes. So... these treasures are going to have to acclimate to the house a bit before they are finished products. Although, I do seem to get more done when I'm swamped! Little projects are a nice break too!

We still aren't done with our canning yet either. I'll have some more Canning Bees up soon!

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Coming soon: Pizza sauce and veggie soup.


  1. Shannon, you got some really good stuff. That chair will look fabulous after you work your magic on it!
    piano bench! good find! ($5.00 rule, yay) It really does help when you have that welllll I dunno feeling.
    I think you did good with both glass pieces and the lamps. I think they have potential. I've been needing to get a wreath, goo deal!
    cribbage board, great vintage find!
    28 on the 29th, huh? cool beans!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday, Shannon (even if it is a bit early)!!! You had some really great finds! I love the lamps and the "vases".
    Cribbage... Wow, that brings back memories!!! I can remember watching my dad play for hours on end when he had an opponent. I never learned how to play just knew it was a card game of sorts where you moved your pieces around the board according to your hand.

    Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  3. Wow - it looks like it was a good week for you!

    You might want to do a little homework on the lamps. They could be Fenton hobnail and they might be worth money. I could be wrong but I thought I would point it out.


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