Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The ladies have been busy!

Some have been busy being unladylike and crowing...

 (at least s/he was given the neutral name of Chief... we should have realized s/he was a boy by how in charge s/he acted, hence, the name) :)

Some have been snagged by the neighbor's boxer only to reappear in the yard, tailfeatherless one week and one day later...

(Dreamy is in the middle. She was taken by the boxer and the owners told us that she was alive and ran into the woods.... they failed to see the importance in figuring out where the chickens were coming from, so we didn't know until days later. We assumed she was a goner... then, one day, she came out of the woods from her adventure being a wild chicken :)) 

Most have just been panting and stretching out in this 115 degree weather we have...

 She might be a HE too....

But someone.... someone has been busy...

This is egg #2! One yesterday and one today!

Now, if only one of them would lay golden eggs... :) oh wait... wasn't that a goose?

*Since Dreamy's big adventure, the boxer went missing. One of our neighbors told the owners when they came looking for him that they'd be lucky if we hadn't shot him (gulp). LUCKILY, he showed back up at home. We've seen him in their yard since then, but not running free in ours :). We were nervous he wouldn't come home and they'd think we really had done something to him. We try to be peaceful, drama free neighbors :) Hopefully they pay better attention to him since he ran away for a while. 


  1. Yay Dreamy came home! So glad. I hope the boxer stays in his own yard now! :) Poor girls look hot!
    I'm glad the boxer did come home, that could have left some bad feelings!
    eggs! What took them so long? I know NOTHING about chickens, or canning, etc. I am a city girl!

  2. Whoohoo!! Let the endless number of egg-based food dishes begin!

    P.S. Nick would like to know when his boyfriend (aka "Chicken George") has eggs to buy.

  3. How are your chickies laying now?? It is always a small joy to find an egg in the box...hasn't gotten old yet!! :)


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