We need routine

I'm not sure where this little blog vacation came from. I've been right here at my computer most of the week. My 'month off' from my full time online teaching job ended on Monday, so I'm back online all day every day.

It seems as though we've all had a hard week in adjusting. We're all doing things we don't normally do. I took a lengthy blog break. These two forgot that they hate each other and spent an afternoon within inches of each other.

Actually, I think Margot was just so asleep that she didn't know they were close to cuddling. She refuses to get within feet of Sophie unless it is an attempt (a weak one at that) to smack her.

The chubby beagle has also has an awakening. We though that Sophie and Margot have just been eating up a storm. But, the guilty-eared puppy tells on herself and ratted herself out about eating the cat food while we are gone. I went to feed them the other day and Ellie came in at a snail's pace with her "I'm guilty and I'm so sorry" ears on. She only does that when she's in trouble or when she's done something bad like not listen, get in the compost, and now, eat the cat food. She's such a remorseful little thing!

So, luckily things are getting back to a normal routine around here... I'm back to working and blogging, the cats hate each other, and chubs is on a dog food only diet. 

Now, if I could only get the canning all finished and a project started!

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  1. how adorable! why is it that dogs MUST eat cat food (not to mention cat poo)
    I like routine, I work better when I have a routine.


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