Easy table redo

My aunt recently found this little table for $10. Tables are one thing that we don’t need right now. This one is fairly short and pretty round. I couldn’t think of a use for it, so I redid it for her shop for some display space.
It had some rough places on it, so it first got a good sanding on its two shelves.
Then, I slapped on two coats of Gobi Desert (that I got for free) and finally tried my hands with distressing. Distressing things stresses me out! It can look good. It can also not look good. I used a 3M sanding block (that was also free!) and slowly went around this table.
 IMG_4611  IMG_4613
Some of the areas where I sanded looked a little yellow. I had planned on wiping on and wiping off some stain, so this didn’t bother me too much. I did this the same way I did our coffee table… but apparently with a different can of stain.…
I also didn’t realize how much pink was in the stain that I used….
Although I’m still in a bit of shock from the pink, I think it looks pretty cute. Like Dustin said “It looks way better than it did”. I guess that’s a seal of approval! :) And, I’m a bit over my distressing distress. Maybe I can do it to some things around the house now too :)
Here’s a before/during/after shot

(This is also my first post using Windows Live Writer… so please, bear with me while I figure it all out. I’m still not sure how to control all my pictures :))


  1. way cute shannon! looks really good.
    ps enjoying this cooler weather? I am!

  2. Love it and thanks for sharing..wow cooler weather means we can all paint more furniture..yeah...

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