Pioneer field trip

Yesterday, my mom's family decided to have a picnic at Spring Mill, where Dustin works. My grandma and two cousins met us there for church in the little meeting house.

As Dustin headed to work, we headed to the picnic area to snag some tables for the rest of the family. Church gets over at 9 and everyone else arrived at 1. So, we had some time to kill after we scoped it out, tried to move some tables (and failed), moved, and had some breakfast. 

Sarah, Mandy, and I headed to the village and left Grandma to hold down the fort.The blacksmith was hard at work making chain link when we arrived. (Even despite the fact that he seriously burnt his hand two days before but still won't go to the dr....)

He's pretty cute and humored me when I started taking the next picture by using the billows to give me more flame when I told him I needed more fire in my heart.

It was funny walking around that day. There were SO many people there and everyone was bragging about the blacksmith and asking each other if they'd been there yet. He loves it there and it must be apparent.

Walking around, I wanted this to be a view that I saw everyday too :)

Four years ago, we almost got married here, under this stone arch. But, they didn't allow us to invite enough people, so we had an outside wedding at another location. They don't let people get married here anymore though.

I didn't have a good picture of the mill there, so I found this online. It is an enormous building that grinds corn daily. It's yummy!

Even with all the people there, I was able to snag this peaceful shot of the side of the mill with its water supply.

 Everyone was working and creating things that will be sold in the store. They have such neat things there.

Speaking of neat.... I drooled a little over all these jars all lined up at the apothecary :)

If you get a chance, head over to Spring Mill. Their season will be winding down in about a month, but now is the perfect time of year to go for a visit!

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  1. looks like a wonderful place to spend his days! :)
    he's a cutie that man of yours!
    thanks for sharing these photos. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.


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