One year ago today, this beast entered our lives. Meet Ellie (aka Ellie Bellie, Ellie Smellie, Eeeee, The Beag, The Regal Beagle)

I had never had a house dog before and didn’t know what to expect. We are lucky and hit the jackpot at the humane society and got the best dog ever. No, I’m not biased…

A few Ellie facts: (no, this won’t be boring… she’s also the cutest dog ever)
She has a set of ‘mean teeth’ that she wears to wrestle with her auntie Annie.
She has a healthy fear of the chickens but still wants to hang out with them even though we tell her that they are bad. (Chubs has also lost some weight since this picture… this also shows her love for cat food when we were away and unaware)
She loves people food but only begs by staring.
She loves her cousin Hadley so much that she left him alone when I told her to, even though she wanted to cuddle with him. Hadley also loves “EEEE!” even though she tried to take his pacifier out of his mouth.
She’s a digger, that one. We support this bad habit because we are just as convinced as she is that she will catch the mole.. and really, she doesn’t do any more damage than what it does.
Considering she is 100% inflexible, she is still a pretty decent contortionist.
image Two words: Peanut. Butter.
She loves her Kong Wubba…                        …to death. (Wubba’s current state)
image IMG_4667
She loves her Sophie…
Note: Sophie has held up MUCH better than Wubba
even though Soph chews on her ears, bites her, and is just generally the meanest kitten of all time when she plays.
She thinks Sophie is her kitten.
She’s a sun bather,
a drama queen,
and a hard sleeper.
She was once a morning puppy, but now, she’s a pooch who just wants to sleep in and cuddle. 
She is SO well behaved and feels bad when she does anything even a little bit bad. Her little beagle nose gets her in trouble at times. When the nose is on, her ears have trouble hearing. We do have a lot of rules, but she follows them well.

She squeeks, she bites her nails, she misses rabbits because she’s too busy trying to catch butterflies (no, really, I've seen it happen about 5 times now...).

She’s obsessed with her daddy and wouldn’t bark until we taught her how to “talk”… now she won’t shut up :)

We couldn’t ask for a better dog. (minus she shedding and general beagle smelliness)

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  1. wonderful story/post! I enjoyed every word of it. She's a cutie.
    LOVE the picture of ellie and hadley! soooo cute!


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