The chicken whose life I saved

Remember her?

This chick was on the fast track to the dumpster from the back of my aunt’s shop. I didn’t have any plans when I told Jo that I thought I might be able to make her presentable. And, to be honest, I wasn’t so sure about it myself :) The next night, on my way home, inspiration struck.
She got a good plucking and scrubbing with soap and a brush. Then, came the primer. I used this on our kitchen tile backsplash and have no complaints. I love it because of this:
That whole “preps glossy surfaces” part had me at hello. I can paint anything now!
I put three light coats of primer on her and then got out my tan and brown craft paint. I dry brushed tan and then brown and then went over it all with a slightly damp brush to mix it all up a little more.
IMG_4713  IMG_4717
I still needed to find a winter home for these hen and chicks that I got from my mom. They are chicks from plants that my mom got from her grandma. My great grandma loved chicken things, so it’s just perfect to use this.
The pot they were in doesn’t completely fit down inside the bird. I’m glad it didn’t though because it would sit TOO low then. So, I just fixed the gap with some twine.
And… voila!
   IMG_4727 IMG_4728
When I told Dustin how I planned to paint it he said '”It’ll look just like Foghorn Leghorn” (named so because she was the only white chicken we got in Round #1 and our neighbor told us we HAD to name one Foghorn Leghorn.
Coincidentally, she’s the first, and only, to lay any eggs.
This isn’t the best pic of her, but it’s dark and it’s all I have :) You can see some of the browns on her back by his thumb though.
*Dustin also told me to crop him out of this picture… so, ignore the man behind the bird!
Now, my hen and chicks have a hen to take care of them. And, it’s white and fits into the kitchen just right!

**And, if anyone needs some red baby's breath... gimme a call :)


  1. great job on your chicken! :) Love foghorn leghorn!
    hahaha ignore the man behind the bird! LOL


  2. If read babys breath grows in the shade you can dump some off here. Dustin looks so proud with his chicken. That's a cute lil' pot now!!

  3. I'm your newest follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

  4. Great job transforming the chicken! I love it when we take home things that we really don't know what we are going to do with them and then it hits us later on!

    Would love it if you entered my giveaway!


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